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WhereIF Episode 13: I’m Back, Where Have I Been, Trump & Subpoenas, and Hoover Report!
October 28, 2019

Where Icarus Flies, Episode 13, Don't call it a comeback... WhereIF Episode 13 Contents Episode 13 has been in the works for a long time. Almost ten years! I now know how Meat Loaf must have fel

WhereIF Episode 12: Cheating in Sports,Big Brother 12, iTunes Ping, The Hoover Report and More!
September 17, 2010

WhereIcarus Flies, Episode 12, the last honest podcast… WhereIF Episode 12 Contents Back again! Did you miss me? Did you think I was gone for another 5 months? Well, no such luck!!! Some quick website news. I know that you cannot get enough of my pithy

WhereIF Episode 11: Being Unemployed, Google’s Lost Mojo, Doctor Who, The Hoover Report and More!
August 28, 2010

Where Icarus Flies, Episode 11, covering topics throughout time and space… WhereIF Episode 11 Contents I have returned! It has been a long hiatus, but Joey and I were back at it this past week. I have missed being on the air very much and Joey has been

WhereIF Episode 10: Jambalaya, DRM, Obama Education Fail, Hoover Report and More!
April 28, 2010

Where Icarus Flies, Episode 10, trying to educate the masses… WhereIF Episode 10 Contents Blog Post Note: It has now been over two months since I last posted a podcast. This podcast was recorded on March 18th, it is not April 28th. Man am I a lame-ass!

WhereIF Episode 9: Super Bowl XLIV, 2010 Grammy’s, Unbreakable Records, Hoover Report & More!
February 04, 2010

Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat Where Icarus Flies Episode 9? Who dat? Who dat? WhereIF Episode 9 Contents Things were dark here in the Where Icarus Flies studio for a couple of weeks. One week was shot due to technology difficulties. Basic

WhereIF Episode 8: Leno vs. Conan, Hollywood Reboots, Debit Cards, Hoover Report & More!
January 14, 2010

Where Icarus Flies Episode 8 is not budging from its original time slot! WhereIF Episode 8 Contents Well, it has been an interesting week. The Balloon Boy’s dad went to jail, Earthquakes rock the globe, Tiger Woods looks like he will hide from The Maste

WhereIF Episode 7: No Child Left Behind, Apple TV, ATV Flash, Hoover Report & More!
January 08, 2010

Where Icarus Flies Episode 7 is full of hope and optimism for the new year ahead! WhereIF Episode 7 Contents It has been a month since my last podcast. I can’t believe how quickly time flies! You have also noticed that I have neglected both updating the

WhereIF Episode 6: DirecTV HD, 720p vs. 1080i, Rapid Fire Hoover!
December 09, 2009

Where Icarus Flies, Episode 6 is coming at you in full 1080p! WhereIF – Episode 6 Contents Joey and I may have been off last week, but we are back with a vengeance this week! We are trying out a new segment called Rapid Fire Hoover. I’ll explain that

WhereIF Episode 5: Thanksgiving, Raisin Bread & Hoover Report
November 25, 2009

Where Icarus Flies, Episode 5 is flying high and tight! WhereIF – Episode 5 Contents This week’s show was a bit more free form than previous shows. I almost succumbed to my laziness and didn’t record a podcast this week because of the Thanksgiving h

WhereIF Episode 4: Stargate Universe, Online Information Safety, Hoover Report & More!
November 18, 2009

Where Icarus Flies Episode 4 has left the building! WhereIF - Episode 4 Contents Well, I think we are slowly settling into our format. A couple small topics, our main discussion, The Hoover Report,