We Only LOOK Thin

We Only LOOK Thin

Episode 262 – Deep Thoughts Part 2 – Deeper Thoughts

January 16, 2023

Thinking is one of the top ways in which we have thoughts.  But what if you really want deep thoughts?  Do you need a thinking shovel or some kind of mind backhoe?  No, those don’t exist.  What you need is to ask questions of yourself.  This week, Catherine and Donald bring you another 5 questions from an article by JoLynn Braley to ask yourself along your weight loss and fitness Jounventure (trademark We Only Look Thin).  Are you looking at the right things that stand in your way?  Do you have a coach in your corner?  How is your mindset playing into your choices?  See, I told you this was deep.  Plus, Catherine goes crazy banana pants, Donald shockingly praises dad jokes, and this podcast has often been favorably compared to Masterpiece Theater.

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15 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

By JoLynn Braley

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