We Only LOOK Thin

We Only LOOK Thin

Episode 246 – Save Your Beers for Another Day

September 25, 2022

Just when you thought that Catherine and Donald haven’t been exposed to any pop culture since the 20th century, they name an episode after a song from this decade.  Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

When trying to achieve health and fitness goals, incorporating high calorie beverages into your life can be tricky.  Incorporating alcohol into your life can be a minefield.  Not only is most alcohol, and the mixers that go with it, high in calories, but it can also lower our inhibitions when it comes to food.  This week, Catherine and Donald talk about ways to navigate this minefield and come out on the other side proud of the choices that you’ve made.  Plus, Donald tries to take it old school, Catherine likes it “non-mixered”, and if there’s one thing the couple knows, it’s that people love numbers and math.

This episode is about dealing with the calories from alcohol while trying to achieve health and fitness goals.  If you think you have an alcohol problem, please seek professional advice.

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