The Waves of Tech

The Waves of Tech

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FAA Sanctions Drone Delivery
January 12, 2021

We kick off the new year talking about Twitch, tech resolutions, drone deliveries, and CES 2021. Twitch had its best year ever, clocking 17 billion hours watched in 2020 which is leading to the question of how they did it and how and if it can be susta...

Recapping The 2020 Tech Industry
December 29, 2020

We are recapping the 2020 tech industry. SpaceX and NASA take the top mention this year purely based on their overall successes in terms of launching from American soil and the number of positive results in space travel.

A Very COVID Holiday
December 22, 2020

Peloton has acquired Precor for around $420 million, which will expand the capacity and manufacturing of in-home cycling equipment to meet the growing demand from Peloton users. After years of failure with making DirecTV viable,

Big Tech Moving to Texas
December 15, 2020

Major players in the industry like HP, Tesla, and Oracle are packing up their offices, leaving California, and relocating to Texas. Google experienced a major outage causing hours of disruption to personal productivity and enterprise companies.

European Space Agency’s Space Claw
December 01, 2020

In a unique play to clean up space junk, the European Space Agency is working to build a claw to grip and direct defunct satellites into Earth’s atmosphere. It’s with some anticipation that we learned Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman,

Being Thankful for Tech
November 24, 2020

We are diving into a bit of a Thanksgiving special this week. With the holidays around the corner, we share what technologies we are truly thankful and appreciative of this year. Google has teamed up with a non-profit organization to build an applicati...

Google Arts & Culture
November 17, 2020

Google announced the launch of Google Arts & Culture, a new digital platform featuring numerous museums and artifacts from around the world. Google Photos will soon be limiting storage capacity and will transition users over into using Google One for t...

LG Unveils Purifier Mask
November 03, 2020

With the holidays around the corner, a new laptop or tablet is a great gift to consider and we have some options to share. LG has introduced a high-tech designed face mask with filters, batteries, and fans to provide a virus-free breathing environment....

OSIRIS-REx Mission And Limited Internet Access
October 27, 2020

A viral post of a 10-year old student having to walk to school to get internet access went viral and shows the growing gap of digital equity. NASA successfully landed the OSIRIS spacecraft onto an asteroid traveling at 65,

5G – Do We Actually Need It?
October 20, 2020

NASA handed out another round of million dollar contracts related to battery life, cryogenic fueling systems, and power supply. With Apple making a big splash with 5G enabled phones, the question we are asking consumers is - do we actually need 5G in o...