The Waves of Tech

The Waves of Tech

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Technology While on Vacation
May 04, 2021

We dive into technology used on vacation and share what was useful and what to avoid. GM finally issued a significant software update to address the battery pack fire issue that raised much attention in 2020. On a somber note,

Walmart Invests Millions in GM
April 20, 2021

Walmart has invested $750 million into Cruise, GM’s self-driving vehicle company, as the retail giant looks to shed some costly delivery services. A horrific crash of a Tesla Model S leaving two persons dead has sparked the debate over the safety of au...

T-Mobile Announcement And Segway Motorcycle
April 13, 2021

It was announced this week that T-Mobile is upgrading existing customers to unlimited 5G plans and trying to convince customers from competing companies to join. Segway, yes the two-wheeled transporter, is introducing a hybrid hydrogen motorcycle with ...

LG Drops From Smartphone Market
April 06, 2021

LG, the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer, is stepping out of the market entirely effective immediately to focus on smart home devices and robotics. The Google v Oracle battle over Jave code usage finally made its way to the highest court i...

Amazon Care on the Rise
March 30, 2021

Amazon is actively expanding their telehealth footprint with a larger rollout of Amazon Care, offering virtual chats and in-home visits to employees by chosen medical providers. T-Mobile is already shutting down their live television services after onl...

The FCC Wants Your Broadband Stories
March 24, 2021

The Federal Communications Commission wants to hear from Americans by collecting their broadband stories in an attempt to improve mapping and access in the long term. As SpaceX gains momentum around the world,

UK Open Source Hub And Apple HomePod
March 16, 2021

We are behind the mics bringing you details on the open source industry, smart-speaker moves, industry feuds, and accessibility improvements. The United Kingdom is proving to be the center of the European Union when it comes to open source with an esti...

Fry’s Closing Nationwide And AOL Instant Messenger
March 10, 2021

Fry’s, a once popular electronics store, is closing the remainder of their stores after a dismal last few years. After a 90-year old customer complained about their service delivery, AT&T is quickly responding with infrastructure and fiber installation...

Spotify Launches HiFi Audio Service
February 23, 2021

Spotify announced this week the future launch of a HiFi (high fidelity) subscription service that will deliver an enhanced audio experience to their customers. Silver Sparrow, a mysterious malware, has reportedly infected nearly 30,

The Semiconductor Shortage is Real
February 16, 2021

There is a major international shortage of conductors in the global market that is putting a new strain on the production of electronics, vehicles, devices, and systems. Microsoft is increasing their presence in Atlanta,