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Wi3W Ep. 14 - Yarraka Bayles (co-host) shares her story
September 26, 2021

Yarraka Bayles is connected strongly to her culture, an inspirational person, very active in business, community circles and is also a co-host of Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast. Greg Dodge is pleased to int

Wi3W Ep. 13 - Margaret Hepworth, Executive Officer, from Initiatives for Change (IofC) speaks with Greg Dodge
September 19, 2021

We are pleased to release this Episode13 to acknowledge and celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2021. To subscribe to Spotify, Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Stitcher, Android or em

Wi3W - Ep 12 - Poem ~ Walk in 3 Worlds
September 12, 2021

This poem came about from observing the growth and changes of young Kitch from 2007 to today. His passion to learn the customs, stories and language of Samoa.

Wi3W Ep 11 – Poem ~ Charlotte Simpson-Hall (My Convict past) – Written and Spoken by Greg Dodge
September 05, 2021

Greg Dodge is a sixth generation descendant from Charlotte Simpson-Hall who was transported to Australia on the Lady Juliana known as The Floating Brothel.

Wi3W Ep 10 - Yarraka and Greg interview author, Nayef Din, about his new book, "The Last Gundir"
August 29, 2021

About Nayef Din. Nayef Din is a British civil engineer who was born in Kuwait but left when a nearby dictator invaded with his tanks. He grew up in north London graduating from Imperial College before

Wi3W Ep 9 - Poem ~ Aussie Fifty Dollar Note (in honour of David Unaipon, a true Australian legend)
August 22, 2021

Around late 2018 I was looking at a new Australian Fifty Dollar ($50) note, as I was curious about who the First Nation person was that I had been seeing since 1995 on the old $50 note. Not that I had

Wi3W Ep 8 - Greg interviews Peter Forday, a true Aussie as an ABC (Australian Born Chinese)
August 15, 2021

Peter Forday is a proud Aussie. He is a facilitator and performance coach whose clients are most commonly looking for better ways to engage, develop and inspire others.

Wi3W Ep 7 – Poem ~ Australianitus ~ Written and Spoken by Greg Dodge
August 08, 2021

Australianitus is the first poem written and performed by Greg Dodge, a sixth generation Australian convict (keep in the loop as his poems are released to the world).

Wi3W Ep 6 – Taitu’uga and Greg interview Maori Wisdom Keeper and Musician, Marama Smith
August 01, 2021

Marama is a Maori singer-songwriter, musician, performer, rapper, mum, grandma and cultural story teller/keeper. We are so honoured to interview Marama and hear about her journey as a Maussie (an Aust

Wi3W Ep 5 – Poem ~ My Mate Dusty ~ Written and Spoken by Greg Dodge
July 30, 2021

We are proud to present a poem, "My Mate Dusty", from our Coming Together series, written by Greg Dodge, about his conversations and stories learnt about a First Nations Australian man that he met in