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Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast

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Wi3W - Ep. 24 - Natalie Lazaroo, born a Kristang, navigating life in Australia - speaks with Greg
February 28, 2022

Natalie Lazaroo is a Kristang (creole ethnic group of mixed Portuguese and Malaccan descent) woman originally from Singapore, where growing up Kristang was a constant negotiation of identity, culture,

Wi3W – Ep23 – Bobby Alu, Singer, Drummer and Ukulele strummer, speaks with Greg about growing up a Samoan lad in Australia.
February 19, 2022

Greg had the pleasure to interview Byron Bay singer, ukulele strummer and drummer Bobby Alu as the kick off for 2022.

Wi3W – Ep. 22 – Uncle Alan Parsons and Andrew Schulz speak about Goondeen, a new Outback Museum in Charleville and lots more
December 02, 2021

About Uncle Alan Parsons (Hear Uncle Alan on our very first Podcast here) Alan C. Parsons was born in Charleville and has traditional links to the Bidjira/Yiman people in Central Queensland. Alan is a

Wi3W - Ep. 21 - Dr. Ray Kerkhove, Australian historian, author and philosopher speaks with Greg Dodge
November 24, 2021

Dr Ray Kerkhove is a professional historian and ethno-historian (accredited through PHAQ), specializing in 19th Century Aboriginal history and culture. He works with several Australian universities, a

Wi3W - Ep. 20 - Uncle Shane Charles speaks with Greg D
November 18, 2021

Born and bred in Shepparton, Victoria, Uncle Shane Charles, a proud Yorta Yorta, Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung man, has worked in the education, justice and cultural heritage sectors, an academic, gover

Wi3W – Ep. 19 – Jungaji Troy Brady speaks with Greg Dodge
November 07, 2021

Western Gugu Yalanji and Birri Gubba songman, Jungaji Troy Brady, has been performing in various bands around the world for the past three decades. Greg Dodge first met Troy (now called Jungaji) in 19

Wi3W - Ep. 18 - Getano Bann speaks with Greg Dodge
October 28, 2021

Getano Bann – Singer, Song Writer, Story Teller, Music Therapist GETANO was raised on the banks of the Pioneer River in his home town of Mackay, North Queensland, Australia. Music, dance, storytelling

Wi3W – Ep. 17 – Aunty Betty McGrady speaks with Greg Dodge about her life.
October 24, 2021

Aunty Betty McGrady is a Gungarri Traditional Custodian. The traditional tribal lands of the Gunggari stretched over some 8,200 square miles (21,000 km2), taking in the Upper Nebine and Mungallala cre

Wi3W Ep. 16 - Samoko Okoth speaks with Greg Dodge about being human
October 14, 2021

Samoko Okoth is a Kenyan born cultural man and creative musician who has lived in Australia for many years. Samoko has travelled the globe with his music and cultural ambassadorship and he states clea

Wi3W Ep. 15 - Nick Brodie, Australian Historian, Archaeologist and Writer talks with Greg Dodge
October 08, 2021

Nick Brodie has a doctorate in late medieval vagrancy law, worked as a field archaeologist, taught at university for a decade, and now writes a growing suite of acclaimed popular histories.