Welcome to Level Seven

Welcome to Level Seven

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“The Variant” 1×02 LOKI – WTL7 347
June 20, 2021

The time travel shenanigans continue! And the plot thickens! There seem to be stakes . . . although we're not quite sure what they are. Oh, and Loki and Mobius sit and talk! A lot. Like, a LOT. Good thing we like them!

“Glorious Purpose” 1×01 LOKI – WTL7 346
June 13, 2021

Why did Disney call it LOKI? Why didn't they call it “everything that Ben Avery likes”? Mostly because it's easier to say Loki . . . and no one knows who Ben Avery is. But Ben, Stewart, and Samantha enjoyed the first episode in the series,

“One World, One People” 1×06 THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER – WTL7 345
June 06, 2021

The season finale — or is it the SERIES finale? — is here, and we get an action packed ending! SEE Sam Wilson take up the shield! HEAR Sam Wilson make a speech! WITNESS Sam Wilson become Captain America! It's a monster sized episode and there's a reaso...

April 23, 2021

It's the penultimate episode of the season. The best episode of the season? We'll find out after the season finale. In the meantime, this episode gives us insight into Isaiah Bradley, the end of Zemo's story (for now),

“The Whole World Is Watching” 1×04 THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (WTL7 343)
April 22, 2021

If you didn't hate John Walker before, this is the episode that's supposed to push you over that edge . . . as John Walker gets pushed over an edge of his own. Also, Ben and Stewart make some predictions that probably don't come true. Probably.

April 17, 2021

As The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues, the MCU's favorite odd couple continues their search for the flag smashers and some twists and turns come our way . . .

“Star Spangled Man” – 1×03 THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (WTL7 341)
April 09, 2021

The new Captain America is here! And he's not Captain America . . . Meanwhile, the odd couple of the MCU, Sam and Bucky, are on the trail of the super soldier serum, and what they find is not what they expected!

“New World Order” – 1×01 THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (WTL7 340)
March 29, 2021

The pilot episode of a new Marvel series has dropped! The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are back! Moving from the big screen to the small screen, do they bring the “cinematic” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with them?

WANDAVISION 1×09 “Series Finale” – WTL7 339
March 23, 2021

WandaVision comes to a conclusion, wrapping up all the loose plotlines and character arcs with a satisfying end. Except for the ones that were not wrapped up with a nice neat bow and were instead wrapped up with a less than completely satisfying end.

WANDAVISION 1×08 “Previously On” – WTL7 338
March 03, 2021

We wanted answers! We got some answers! We wanted big twists! We got some big twists! We wanted origin stories! We got some origin stories! We can't say things are getting good because they always were good,