Voices: A Community of Christ Podcast

Voices: A Community of Christ Podcast

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Episode 10: Angela, Part 2 "It's rough"
November 09, 2015

Angela continues her story with how she discovered The Power House, struggles with her kids, opinions on the neighborhood and a knee-jerk reaction to a troubling moment unfolding in front of her. Check out part 2 of her story!

Episode 9: Angela "There is always someone doing God's work"
October 30, 2015

Hear Angela's story of family life and growing up in Baltimore. She shares of the importance of children and her desire to write, as well as making difficult decisions on behalf of her family. She recounts the passing of her father and the dramatic e...

Episode 8: Bryce "Get to the youth"
October 22, 2015

Hear Bryce share his story about being the Pastor's son and how that affected him, memories of different activities over the years, his baptism, the point system, college life, where he would love to visit, and answering the question of whether he ...

Episode 7: Megan "It's love. It's all love."
October 15, 2015

In this episode of the podcast, Megan shares about how she first learned about The Power House, what makes it different from other churches, how a horse trough transformed her, exploring how we hurt God, characteristics of God, people who've impacted h...

Episode 6: Katie "We need the system to listen"
September 14, 2015

Listen to the story of a powerful woman, Katie. She explores her personal history, passions towards social activism, stories from the front lines of Baltimore's recent uprising, perspectives on privilege, racism, and the black/white binary, as well as ...

Episode 5: Robert "I came back"
September 07, 2015

Hear Robert share how he found the Power House, experiences at Graceland University and life in Lamoni, what drove him to succeed, call to the priesthood, The Power House understanding of church history as opposed to the traditional Community of Christ...

Episode 4: Crystal "church isn't just this building"
August 24, 2015

Crystal talks about what it's like to grow up in Baltimore, how she found The Power House, experiences at Graceland University, adjusting to Lamoni from the inner-city, coming back to Baltimore, feeling like a failure, balancing school/work, unplanned ...

Episode 3: Nick "I have to carry on"
August 10, 2015

Nick shares his story of homelessness, life in a group home, serving time in jail, the reason he came to Baltimore, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, how churches mistreat people and what they should be doing, the struggle of job hunting unsuccessf...

Episode 2: Gary "I'm not a perfect Christian"
August 03, 2015

Listen to this episode to hear Gary share about life on disability, what it's like to be cut off from family, belonging and loneliness, what church means, the role of alcohol in his life, daily life in Baltimore, struggling to survive with cuts to food...

Episode 1: Introduction to the Podcast
July 27, 2015

Start here to learn what this podcast is, where it came from, and where it might go!