Voices: A Community of Christ Podcast

Voices: A Community of Christ Podcast

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Episode 13: Gloria "I thank God for putting that church across the street"
February 19, 2016

Gloria joins us to share her story! Hear her share about her family, personal tragedy, being "the rat lady," and true forgiveness. She shares how she learned about The Power House, its early days, and how she stumbled into being a community leade...

Episode 13.1: Gloria Follow Up
February 19, 2016

Gloria adds a thought

Setting the Stage: Doctrine & Covenants
December 02, 2015

Check out where we are going next!

Episode 12: Rose "I started screaming and running down the street"
November 25, 2015

Hear Rose discuss why she first came to The Power House and why she keeps coming. She describes a relationship with a close friend and the agonizing tragedy of a house fire. She describes life in Pigtown and why she's still here, as well as sharing ...

Episode 11: Fred "The day is what you make it"
November 18, 2015

Join us to hear Fred's story! He shares about life growing up and experiences in Pigtown. Find out how he connected with The Power House, and differences discovered with other kids at camp. Hear about bonds made through IYF, encounters with the poli...