Vintage Homeschool Moms

Vintage Homeschool Moms

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Academic Motivation
March 14, 2022

Academic Motivation - Episode 462 Do your children have an academic motivation to be the best? In this just for kids episode, Felice once again talks directly to the kids to encourage them to take edu

Assignments Kids Love – Special Replay
March 07, 2022

Assignments Kids Love – Special Replay Are there really assignments that kids love -- yes! Especially when you allow them to study an area of interest. As a homeschool mom, I loved having proof that m

Peace At Home
February 28, 2022

Peace at Home - Episode 461 Does your home suffer from the lack of "peace at home"? In this Just for Kids Series special, Felice Gerwitz talks directly to the kids and asks them what type of household

Valentine’s Day On The Cheap – Special Replay
February 07, 2022

Valentine's Day on the Cheap - Special Replay Are you ready to celebrate Valentine's day on the cheap, with very little money? In this episode, I will share some great ideas to make the day special fo

Monthly Checklists
January 31, 2022

There is value in monthly checklists, right? Learn how a list-hater has turned into somewhat of a list lover. Felice Gerwitz shares her best-kept secrets, lists that work.

Organized HomeSchool-Special Replay
January 24, 2022

Organized Home School-Special Replay The new school year is a time of excitement. Let's start this year with an organized homeschool! In this episode, Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz share their ye

New Year and Homeschool
January 17, 2022

New Year and Homeschool – Great Expectations Episode 458 Do you want your new school year, even if it is mid-year, to begin with, a bang instead of a blah? In this episode, Felice Gerwitz shares her m

Organized Homeschool Forms – Special Replay
January 10, 2022

Special Replay: Organized Homeschool Forms Being organized in your homeschool means selecting the right homeschool forms to make your life so much easier. Do you want to avoid burn out? Do you want yo

Curriculum Planning in the New Year
January 03, 2022

Curriculum Planning in the New Year ~ Episode 457 Need some curriculum planning tips? The new year is here and you may or may not want to continue with the curriculum you picked at the beginning of th

Special Replay – New Year New Focus
December 27, 2021

Special Replay - New Year New Focus Meredith Curtis & Felice Gerwitz Join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz monthly for Lunch with Meredith and Felice the first Monday of each month. This month Mered