Concealed Carry Podcast - Guns | Training | Defense | CCW

Concealed Carry Podcast - Guns | Training | Defense | CCW

Latest Episodes

Episode 370: Mindset Is Everything With Instructor Zero
November 23, 2019

In this interview with Instructor Zero, Jacob and Matthew dive into a conversation about mindset and training oneself to avoid deadly situations. Instructor Zero discusses how to manage the difference between the training environment and the real-world...

Episode 369: Myth or Fact – Revolvers Are More Reliable Than Semi-Autos?
November 22, 2019

Today Riley and Matthew take on the age-old debate of revolvers vs. semi-automatics, specifically the common argument that revolvers are more reliable than semi-autos. We'll show how that is both true AND false. Should be a lively discussion today!

Episode 364: Reasons to Get a Permit Even With Constitutional Carry
November 09, 2019

Today, Riley and Jacob discuss all the various reasons for obtaining a CCW permit even if you live in a state with constitutional carry. And what about those that say "concealed means concealed" and "the Second Amendment is my permit?

Episode 363: Alarming Pattern of Cops Shooting Homeowners
November 04, 2019

3 recent incidents around the country paint a picture of a concerning pattern. Essentially situations in which Law Enforcement officers responding to a private residence end up shooting the armed homeowner.

Episode 362: How to Not Mistake Your Loved Ones as Intruders
October 31, 2019

Riley and Jacob discuss six core tactics you should be deploying in any potential home defense scenario to ensure NOT ONLY that you don't accidentally shoot the wrong person but that you also maximize your odds of success should you have a real threat.

Episode 361: California’s Onslaught of Anti-Gun Legislation
October 31, 2019

Today Riley and Matthew cover the latest stories from around the USA about firearms and concealed carry related legislation, laws, gun control, etc. Today we'll be talking about the insane amount of gun control coming out of California recently as sign...

Episode 360: All About Ankle Carry and Other Non-Traditional Carry Methods
October 30, 2019

Today, Riley and Matthew discuss carrying concealed on your ankle and other less common carry methods. This is a topic that probably doesn't get enough attention, so we decided it was time.

Episode 359: Optics, Kids & Guns with James Yeager
October 21, 2019

Today, Riley shares the interview he did with James Yeager while sitting down together at the Lucid Optics 2019 Ballistics Summit at the NRA Whittington Center. We had a great time discussing pistol optics,

Episode 358: Talking Tactical Polka Dots with Cheryl Todd
October 16, 2019

Today, Riley talks with Cheryl Todd of Gun Freedom Radio. Cheryl is a passionate Second Amendment advocate who talks about important 2A issues each week on her radio show. Cheryl is also the owner of a gun dealer in the Phoenix,

Episode 357: News & Gear Reviews – Springfield Armory Hellcat
October 10, 2019

Today Riley and Matthew talk about some new products coming to market including some new sights from XS Sights AND we hear Riley's first take after some hands-on with the new Springfield Armory Hellcat! Matthew chimes in with his own review of the Arch...