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Concealed Carry Podcast - Guns | Training | Defense | CCW

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Merry Christmas from the Concealed Carry Podcast
December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas! Here are some gifts from us to you.

Episode 466: The Polymer80 Fiasco
December 23, 2020

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster bring to you our monthly legislative news updates. We're going to share some good things happening in Ohio, less good things in Virginia, and how some people are getting creative using Obama-era finance laws to help sh...

Episode 465: The Path of Focused Effort with Charlie Perez
December 17, 2020

Today, Riley Bowman interviews USPSA Grand Master Charlie Perez to talk about training methodologies and what he calls "The Path of Focused Effort." It should be a GREAT episode, so tune in!

Episode 464: Santa Was a Bad Boy and Other News
December 15, 2020

Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster share the latest industry news and information. Tune in! As always, any questions or suggestions for future episodes can be submitted to!

Episode 463: Optimizing Performance Practically with AJ Zito
December 10, 2020

Today, Riley Bowman interviews AJ Zito of Practical Performance to discuss methods and means we can enhance and optimize our training and performance in a way that's practical. AJ is a USPSA Master shooter, as well as a multi-division Master in IDPA.

Episode 462: Good Guy Charged With Felony – Cops Ignore Calls For Help
December 08, 2020

Matthew and Jacob review a number of defensive gun uses from the last few weeks. Sheriff deputy's ignore a man's calls for help and a good guy trying to protect his neighbor is charged with a felony. These and other stories covered in today's show!

Episode 461: The Death of the Pistol Brace?
December 03, 2020

Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen share the latest legislative news updates including stories about a case the SCOTUS has agreed to hear, how one man is in hot water for selling "wall hangers," and what a future America might look like with a certain some...

Episode 460: Turns and Stuff
November 30, 2020

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster break down the most recent Shooter Ready Challenge at which features the El Presidente drill this month. This provides a great opportunity to talk about turn-and-draws and draws with movem...

Episode 459: News and Reviews – Backlogs in Ammo…and the Courts
November 26, 2020

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster share the latest industry news including stories and updates on the NRA, gun ownership numbers in America, and hold ups in the courts and backlogs in ammo sales. Lots to cover today!

Episode 458: MidwayUSA Foundation – Supporting Youth Shooting Sports
November 24, 2020

Riley Bowman interviews John Linquist from the MidwayUSA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting and getting youth into the shoot sports. I don't think this comes as a surprise to anyone,