Liberation Is Possible

Liberation Is Possible

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093: To Linger or Move On?
June 20, 2016

Smoothing out the rhythm of our sessions is an ultimate goal. From the back and forth between us and our clients to the in and out of our client's attention with the environment and their experience, much of this rhythm is cultivated by whether we enco...

092: Advanced Joining, Yay-Boo! and Cursing in Sessions
June 12, 2016

For Clarity: This episode includes several strong curse words. - Identifying, naming and explicating a client's experience is rarely as effective in Somatic Experiencing sessions as is joining in a more empathic, visceral and reflective (i.e.

091: Helping the Stuck Thing Move Again
May 29, 2016

Our SE work is motivated by the desire for change and animated by bearing witness to changing experience. As we cultivate our appreciation for Pendulation and all things "in flow" we can find it confusing to see what to do with client's who report thin...

090: Comedy Improv Games for SE Practitioners
May 23, 2016

Here's a LONG episode reviewing 10 of the Comedy Improv games and their associated SE lessons that form the spine of my super fun SE refinement workshops Practicing Our Lines. - Each game is covered in-depth with layouts of how you can perform the gam...

089: Technique or A Feeling
May 10, 2016

Techniques and technique generally is key to our success as SE Practitioners. Being able to identify what is happening for a client, what that indicates about what is coming next, having some sense of what to ask for next,

088: The Pendulation Terrain
April 30, 2016

In SE Sessions, some things are associated, while others are not. Practitioners need to see these relationships for what they are and decide if there's enough differentiation amongst associated pieces to create the context for penduluation. If so,

087: Let’s Try It Once
April 23, 2016

Dynamic sessions that move toward productive change rather than maintain the status quo regularly introduce new things. - These include: experiments (also known as excercises), Practitioner behavioral changes (like increase or decreasing pace of refle...

086: The Planned Collapse
April 16, 2016

Some of our clients have been "going, going, going" and are going to continue doing so until they "collapse." When we can see that coming it's often worth introducing the idea of planning or preparing a time when they can permit themselves to "not do m...

085: Protecting from Extreme Range of Motion
April 09, 2016

There are times in sessions when movement becomes increasingly free and involuntary. It's a special thing to watch the body "come out of freeze" like that. And there are cautions: like being attentive that a sharp angle on a joint doesn't cause damage ...

084: Milton’s List
April 02, 2016

When we're stressed we think less. That's true for everyone but it's an especially vexing fact for our distressed clients – many of whom desperately need to make more helpful and healthful decisions on behalf of their well-being. - Milton Erickson,