Liberation Is Possible

Liberation Is Possible

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Catastrophic Thinking, Existential Threats & How SEP’s can help clients when they’re flipping out
February 05, 2017

Caution: This episode is heavy. Proceed with caution.  - Creative thinking combined with an attraction to – or fear of – Danger in a world full of Existential Threats can quicken the pulse and take people right out of their ability to respond spontane...

New Years Update for Twig’s SE Reflections
January 01, 2017

Before the "silence goes on too long" let me share a little New Year update from Twig's SE Reflections podcast project. This will probably be most interesting to regular listeners: it's mostly a progress report and a bit of cheerleading.

Holiday Sessions – an episode that almost got away
November 06, 2016

The holiday season impacts different people in different ways, from the option of taking it all in to wanting to be narcatized through it with a request to be reawoken on the other side. - One of our opportunities with things like SE is helping peopl...

098: Preparing Clients for Surgery
October 02, 2016

At long last I'm finally able to share this episode on helping clients prepare for surgery. - I'll be adding Show Notes eventually. For now, I hope some of you will enjoy the audio recording which is available here.

Tea Interlude Check In During Continuing Publishing Hiatus
September 10, 2016

I'm still looking for the opportunity to complete Episode 98 on Preparing for Surgery. On the way there I wanted to say hello, cheer folks who are headed to Adv. II and completion of the SEP training and share some thoughts on getting more comfortable ...

Podcast publishing resumes soon…
August 31, 2016

Greetings curious listener. Perhaps you've noticed that episode 98 didn't publish over the weekend of August 24th as planned. I know I did! E. 98 is on Preparing Clients for Surgery and despite my effort I simply couldn't finish it up before this week sta

097: Common Mistakes SEP’s Make
July 23, 2016

We must make mistakes. It's part of the process of learning this craft. Exploratory SEP's can be enthusiastic about their mistakes because mistakes make us think long and hard about "what went wrong" and how we can do things differently. -

096: Doing Other Stuff
July 18, 2016

I'm in Chicago doing something "different" than what I normally do. (A 5 week comedy improv theater intensive.) It's helping refresh my attention for my SE work. It's also a good opportunity for me to offer up this SE Reflection episode on advocating t...

095: After the Accident
July 06, 2016

Here is a very long episode that boarders on exhaustive, though hopefully not too exhausting. The subject? Considerations and a pattern of thought for how we attend to people soon after they've been in an accident.

094: Invitations to Orientation
June 25, 2016

This does not cover every last thought I have on Orientation and what is required to ensure smooth meaningful participation when you're asking people to "allow their eyes to go where they want to go." But this 2-hour episode is probably the last thing ...