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Turn The Page – Episode 73
January 23, 2020

Episode 73: Stoll the Show: - Looking for some Broadway Tickets on the cheap? Brian Stoll of "Stoll the Show" has tips and tricks to get you to the stage door! Brian also treats us to some background on the history of the Playbill as well as his p...

Turn The Page – Episode 72
January 16, 2020

Episode Seventy-One : The benefits of early literacy: - How early is too early to read to your child? Drs. Liz Isakson (Docs for Tots) and Perri Klass (Reach out and Read) join us to chat the medical benefits of reading to your baby as early as po...

Turn The Page – Episode 71
January 09, 2020

Episode Seventy-One: On the doorstep of local history: Rav Freidel has the history of Syosset on his doorstep! As the current owner of Syosset's "Schenck House", Rav stops by to talk restoration, resting grounds,

Turn The Page – Episode 70
January 02, 2020

Episode Seventy: Space, the final frontier! - Allan Asherman has literally written the book on Star Trek, several in fact! Allan joins us to talk about his experiences as a fan, expert, and as one of the organizers of the very first N.Y.C.

Turn The Page – Episode 69B
December 26, 2019

Episode Sixty nine - Part 2 - Chris Cander chats with us about The Weight of a Piano, A book that connects two women from different generations through a very special piano.

Turn The Page – Episode 69A
December 26, 2019

Episode Sixty Nine - Part 1  - Kitty Zeldis discusses her book Not our Kind, A historical fiction novel about two cultures coming together under the backdrop of post WWII era NYC.

Turn The Page – Episode 68
December 19, 2019

Episode Sixty Eight - Hey, it's Marc Thompson - Thompson, a veteran voice actor talks to us about breaking into his career during a casting call for what became MTV's Daria -- and how his own fandoms brought him to voice Casey Jones in Teenage Mut...

Turn The Page – Episode 67
December 12, 2019

It's cold outside. What better to do than hunt for great eats around town? The Fantasmic Foodie has made a name for himself reviewing fun and fantastic food spots, and trying some of the most unique dishes that will surprise your taste buds.

Turn The Page – Episode 66
December 05, 2019

Episode Sixty Six: The Night John Lennon Died with Saundra Shohen - Shohen reveals myriad behind-the-scenes dramas she experienced as Administrator of the Roosevelt Hospital Emergency Department in New York City,

Turn The Page – Episode 65
November 28, 2019

Episode Sixty-Five: Syosset Stories with Kathleen Kim: - Kim, a SHS class of '97 alum talks about how community and connection, along with her love of puppetry brought her to work on Sesame Street, the upcoming Mr. Rogers film (yes,