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Turn The Page – Episode 104b
August 27, 2020

Episode One Hundred Four part two - J Todd Scott J Todd Scott discusses his newest novel, Lost River and other topics.

Turn The Page – Episode 103a
August 20, 2020

Episode One Hundred Three -  Part One - April Henry - Author April Henry discusses her latest YA Thriller, The Girl in the White Van, and shares some really cool information about how teenagers in the northwest help police search for crime evidence.

Turn The Page – Episode 103b
August 20, 2020

Episode One Hundred Three - Mike Maden - We talk to Mike Maden, the author tasked with taking up the Tom Clancy moniker about his latest installment in the Jack Ryan series.

Special Episode – 12
August 17, 2020

Special Episode - Healthy Eating for Families during Covid-19 - Dr. Toba Weinstein comes to us from Cohen's Children's Hospital to discuss nutrition for children and families while we are all home together.

Turn The Page – Episode 102a
August 13, 2020

Episode One Hundred and Two - Part 1 - We speak to Dan Misener, host of Grown ups Read Things They Wrote as Children. A curious project which tasks grown ups to -- you guessed it -- dig out some of their old writings and read it again as an adult.

Turn The Page – Episode 102b
August 13, 2020

Episode One Hundred and Two - Part 2 - Olivia Wildenstein - We speak to author Olivia Wildenstein about her transition from self publishing to mainstream, and why romance remains HOT.

Turn The Page – Episode 101a
August 06, 2020

Episode One Hundred and One - Part 1 - Deanna Raybourn - Author Deanna Raybourn talks Victorian Mystery with us as well as some misconceptions about the time period.

Turn The Page – Episode 101b
August 06, 2020

Episode One Hundred and One - Part 2 - Kate Winkler Dawson - Kate Winkler Dawson discusses American Sherlock -- a non-fiction book about Edward Oscar Heinreich, America's first forensic scientist

Turn The Page – Episode 100
July 30, 2020

Episode One Hundred - 100 Adventures in Microfiche with JUDD APATOW - From the Syosset Public Library and Judd Apatow Comedy Research Center! - Syosset Superstar Alumni Judd Apatow zooms in from Sunny LA to talk Microfiche, Freaks and Geeks,

Turn The Page – Episode 99a
July 23, 2020

Episode Ninety Nine - Part 1 - Jennifer Steil - Author Jennifer Steil comes to us from across the pond to discuss Exile Music the story of Orly, a girl from Vienna whose musical family must flee Vienna for the mountains of Bolivia during World War...