The Truth About Taxes and Retirement

The Truth About Taxes and Retirement

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The Difference Between Death Insurance vs Life Insurance (Ep. 66)
January 03, 2024

Do you have insurance to secure your familys financial future? If yes, when was the last time you reviewed your policy? Its Life Insurance Awareness Month! Lets look at how insurance plays a cru

Don’t Miss this Opportunity to Pay Less in Taxes (Ep. 65)
December 20, 2023

The U.S. national debt has reached $32 trillion! There is only one way to pay off this massive debt by raising taxes. In fact, tax rates will likely see a sharp rise on January 1st, 2026. In t

Paying Less Taxes Now & In Retirement (Ep. 64)
September 13, 2023

What do you think is your number one expense in retirement? (Hint: Its not healthcare.) If you said taxes, you guessed it right! Healthcare costs pale in comparison to what you pay in taxes during

Untangling the Retirement Rat’s Nest (Ep. 63)
August 30, 2023

Have you ever seen a rats nest? It is tangled, messy, and unorganized. Your retirement can end up looking just like a rats nest if you dont plan properly! Your Social Security, pension, taxes, M

Demystifying Medicare (Ep. 62)
August 16, 2023

Are you struggling to navigate Medicare? Youre not alone. The complex web of rules, acronyms, and jargon involved in this enigmatic government program leaves many scratching their heads! In thi

The Three Don’ts: Don’t Run Out of Money (Ep. 61)
July 05, 2023

You cant afford to run out of money in retirement! When you've quit your job and stopped receiving a paycheck, you must protect your nest egg for the rest of your life. In this part three of a

The Three Don’ts: Overpay Your Taxes (Ep. 60)
May 31, 2023

Do you think taxes are going up or down over the course of your retirement? After surveying thousands of people, we found that overpaying in taxes is one of the greatest concerns among those prepa

The Three Don’ts: Burden Your Family (Ep. 59)
May 17, 2023

Many people think about a nursing home when we talk about long-term care. But long-term care could also be care in your home. It could also include adult day care, or assisted living. While it ma

The Two Checks You Need in Retirement (Ep. 58)
April 19, 2023

Having a guaranteed lifetime income (your paychecks) during retirement can help you cover your basic living expenses, so you can focus on whats left the playchecks. In this episode, J. Barry Wat

Who Needs Insurance? Who WANTS Insurance? (Ep. 57)
April 05, 2023

Insurance can be a tricky thing to navigate. Some people who need it dont always want it, while others who want it may not necessarily need it. Plus, a lack of understanding of insurance and how i