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Why No One Talks About Grinding Away on Sunday’s!!!
December 13, 2020

Sunday is a great day to organize your week ahead... - Have we lost our motivation to succeed? - I do not think so; I think we have lost focus on being happy! - And what that truly looks like for each of us... -

Why Saturday is Holding You Back!!!
December 12, 2020

Are Saturday's your friend or foe? - Our journeys are not limited to just certain days of the week... - And when we set aside time daily to focus on our journeys - We can accomplish any goal! - Happy Saturday! -

A Journey Like No Other!!!
December 11, 2020

This 18 Month Journey I have been on.... - Has challenged me on all fronts... - A nearly broker me several times.... - But I made sure ONE THING.... - To NEVER EVER think about giving up...PERIOD - Have a great Friday...And keep fighting -

Where Would I Be Without Family & Friends❓❓
December 10, 2020

Family & Friends are my biggest supporters! - And when we have bad days.... - They are there to walk through the

December 09, 2020

Are you searching for your WHY? - Here are three keys that can guide you: - 1. What are you passionate about? - 2. Take action, with small steps! - 3. Start creating value! - Finding your "Why" is a journey all of us go on,

I Survived!!!
December 08, 2020

Another Work-Monday Blues
December 07, 2020

Another work week... - Are you happy about going back to work on Monday? - Your goals do not need to be left behind! You can still set aside 30 minutes to work on them! - What holds you back from working on your goals during the workweek? -

How Much Time Did You Put Into Your Goals❓
December 06, 2020

Hey guys, Ryan DeMent from TruPodcast, I hope you guys are having a great Sunday. I'm back at it early on Sunday morning, grinding away on my goals. I'm hoping that you've put the time in yesterday's Saturday,

The Re-Launch: Why patience is a %&$#*&^!
November 20, 2020

Well guys and girls it is finally here! The first episode of the re-launch of TruPodcast! I am excited, nervous, and pretty stoked that I am getting to share my life experiences with all of you. All I can say is that I have put this out there and there ar

Is Life Winning Or Are You?
August 19, 2020

Short-Term Sacrifices for Long-term Goals - Do you have goals that get pushed aside because Life wins? - Wants and Needs are different for each of us, but are you chasing your Wants over your Needs? -