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Life Changes When You Find Your Voice??
January 25, 2021

I have been trying to find my voice for our Vlog/Podcast. And I have danced around many topics, but the one I NEVER landed on was DEBT! - DID YOU KNOW: 39% of Americans cannot cover a $400 Emergency - DID YOU KNOW: 78% of people live paycheck to payc...

?????Why Life and Business are Like Golf?????
January 18, 2021

?????Why Life and Business are Like Golf!????? ? ? ? Yes, like golf! ? ? ? In life and business, we want to drive right down the middle of the fairway. ? ? ?

Expect the Best Be Prepared for the Worst!
January 11, 2021

Celebrate it all! - Happy Monday! I hope you had a great relaxing weekend! - We are at another start of the week! - I hope you have a great productive week! - Being positive and thankful can take us a long way! -

Just MOVE On!
January 05, 2021

Keeping the past in the past is HARD....But - Moving On from it will be the best thing you can do for yourself! - 2020 was a bad year, but did you learn from the challenges you faced? - Did you continue to push forward on the path you ha...

Have a Happy New Year!
December 31, 2020

We hope you and yours have a safe and wonderful New Year! Leave 2020 in the rearview mirror and take 2021 head-on! We cannot change what happened yesterday! And each day we get a fresh start on our lives! Here is to a prosperous,

Chasing Happiness For ONLY one Month!!!
December 14, 2020

Happy Monday!!! - We are back to another work week... - And when I worked 9 to 5 I had an issue with using my #vacation time effectively... - I would work like a demon throughout the year and by the time the end of the year came I needed to take 4 t...

Why No One Talks About Grinding Away on Sunday’s!!!
December 13, 2020

Sunday is a great day to organize your week ahead... - Have we lost our motivation to succeed? - I do not think so; I think we have lost focus on being happy! - And what that truly looks like for each of us... -

Why Saturday is Holding You Back!!!
December 12, 2020

Are Saturday's your friend or foe? - Our journeys are not limited to just certain days of the week... - And when we set aside time daily to focus on our journeys - We can accomplish any goal! - Happy Saturday! -

A Journey Like No Other!!!
December 11, 2020

This 18 Month Journey I have been on.... - Has challenged me on all fronts... - A nearly broker me several times.... - But I made sure ONE THING.... - To NEVER EVER think about giving up...PERIOD - Have a great Friday...And keep fighting -

Where Would I Be Without Family & Friends❓❓
December 10, 2020

Family & Friends are my biggest supporters! - And when we have bad days.... - They are there to walk through the