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Download Gospel Jazz – African Praise Medley

November 22, 2018

Download Gospel Praise Jazz 
African Medley (by James Taiwo)
One gentleman I met in a Nigerian music studio a couple of years back challenged me to sing some gospel songs and harmonize it with my Green Beret Soprano Saxophone. While I wasn't quite ready for this. So I argued, but my friend won. I stood up to his challenge. Therefore Played some of my favorite gospel songs, and the result was nice!

My studio encounter in Nigeria led to the production of a two-track album titled "Gospel Praise Jazz"

Finally I come back to the states, I formed a habit of privately playing the Gospel Praise Jazz on my devices and in the car. However, later realized how selfish this practice could be. I release the songs and make them available in the public domain for everyone !

Gospel Praise Jazz 
African Medley 1 & 2
ought to serve as a tool to motivate people into engaging in practical praise and worship to God.

Effective immediately, I have released the music to the domain available free of charge, you can download the music here online for part 1 (and here for Part 2).

Please share this music and let all children of God benefit from it.

Sing the Gospel Praise Jazz - African Medley during your prayer time Let this usher you to the presence of God in form of praises, worships, and prayers. Giving praise to the Lord with conversation and Jazz music.
Download the Gospel Praise Jazz - African Medley Part 1
Download the Gospel Praise Jazz - African Medley Part 2
No string attached, you are granted the full right to duplicate and re-share these songs with your friend list on social networks and other media.

Download this Nigerian gospel jazz and share it to your friends. Yep, no string attached... Given you free!