Triple Bi-Pass

Triple Bi-Pass

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Heteropessimism, and the heterosexual experience, with Christina Kenny!
September 21, 2022

Tonight on Triple Bi Pass, Ruby and Alex are joined by Christina Kenny, sociology lecturer at the University of New England and member of the Heteropessimists! Ruby and Alex ask... LEARN MORE

Culture and Science of Bisexuality, With Dr Julia Shaw!
September 19, 2022

Tonight, Ruby is joined by Dr Julia Shaw, author of Bi, the hidden culture, history and science of bisexuality. Were taking a dive into the wide and often isolated worlds... LEARN MORE

Studio Talk and News!
September 16, 2022

Hello friends! Join Ruby, Amelia and Alex this week as we sit down in the Bi-Hive and have a good old buzz. We cover some interesting Bi+ news, as well... LEARN MORE

Triple Bi-Pass is Back!!!
September 14, 2022

The wait is over! Your favourite bisexual babes are back!!! My lawd we have MISSED YOU. We are returning from a hiatus to bring you your favorite Biexual icons to... LEARN MORE

‘Australia Talks’, Bi+ Experiences in a Pandemic, and Queer Escape Rooms! With Millie Roberts, Kathryn Kaehler and Matt Carson
August 19, 2021

Tonight Alex talks with social justice reporter Millie Roberts about the results of the Australia Talks survey as well as Kathryn Moose Kaehler and Matt Carson about being bisexual in... LEARN MORE

All Bi Myself: Coming out, with Matilda Boseley!!
August 10, 2021

Tonight is another episode of our show within a show All Bi Myself! Alex sits down with Walkley award-winning report and live-blogger for Guardian Australia Matilda Boseley to talk... LEARN MORE

Health, Therapy, and Inclusive Practitioning, With Juniper Muller
August 07, 2021

This week on the show, we’re talking mental health and therapy with the wonderful Juniper Muller join us tonight from 9pm as we hear about the Victorian Inclusive Practitioners List,... LEARN MORE

Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Vaccination, with Joe Ball and Ada Castle!
August 01, 2021

Tonight on the show, we are talking SHOTS! Vaccinations, not tequila. Amelia is joined by Joe Ball of Switchboard Victoria and Ada Castle to talk all things vax – some... LEARN MORE

Fandoms and Speculitive Fiction! With Lara Hedberg PhD
August 01, 2021

Ruby is joined tonight by Lara Hedberg PhD! Lara has been studying and writing about Queer Female protagonists for over 5 years, and their writings explore fandom’s speculitive fiction and... LEARN MO

Bi Bachelorette! With Patrick Lenton
August 01, 2021

On the show tonight, we’re talking all things BACHELORETTE with Junkee Editor Patrick Lenton! Ruby, Alex and Amelia have no idea about Bachie so Ruby talks to Patrick who is... LEARN MORE