Triple Bi-Pass

Triple Bi-Pass

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Lauren Clinnick and Kinder World!
May 12, 2021

We are BACK with you tonight, bi+ babes! After some very necessary bi+ news, this evening Ruby will be joined by Lauren Clinnick, CEO of Lumi Interactive, hearing all about... LEARN MORE

Navigating Identity and Gender, With Laurie Penny!
May 12, 2021

Tonight on the show, Ruby is joined by Laurie Penny,  SEVEN  time author and all around legend. Laurie Penny is an award-winning author, columnist, journalist and screenwriter! Her seven books include Bitch... LEARN MORE

BOPO and Sense Of Self! Body Positive Spaces in Bathhouses
April 25, 2021

Tonight on the show, Amelia chats about creating body positive spaces with the babes behind the new Collingwood bath house S.O.S (Sense Of Self), and explores a support group for... LEARN MORE

Coming out in the Workplace! With Alix Sampson
April 15, 2021

This week we/re joined by Alix Sampson! Alix talks to us about being out in a workplace when you’re Bi+, as well as the latest date from The Austrtalian Workplace... LEARN MORE

All Bi Myself – Episode 5
March 09, 2021

On this edition of Triple Bi Pass, we hear from the creator of our All Bi Myself series, Claire! Claire is joined by the producer of Tomboy events and organiser... LEARN MORE

All Bi Myself – Episode 4
March 09, 2021

This episode of Triple Bi-Pass: All Bi Myself, we’re joined by our very own Alex Morris! We hope you’re able to feel more connected with the Bi+ community by sharing... LEARN MORE

Queering Consent With Sophie Hindes!
March 09, 2021

Tonight on Triple Bi Pass we speak with the incredible Sophie Hindes about her PhD study into sex positivity and consent in the queer community. Find out more at LEARN MORE

Melbourne Fringe 2020! With Maeve Hook and Patrick Collins!
November 11, 2020

Melbourne Fringe 2020 is almost upon us! That means a new year filled with award winning shows both produced and performed by the diverse Bi+ community! Tonight we talk to... LEARN MORE

NAIDOC, Queerness and Aboriginality With Hayden Moon
November 05, 2020

For this episode of Triple Bi-Pass, we’ll be chatting to the gorgeous Hayden Moon, Queer Wiradjuri Brotherboy, academic and stunning Irish Dancer. They’ll be walking us through what NAIDOC week... LEARN MORE

All Bi Myself Episode 3: Coming Out Special with Glenda Lloyd!
November 01, 2020

Tonight is Episode 3 of our show within in a show we call All Bi Myself. Alex fills in for Claire and chats with his good friend Glenda Lloyd about... LEARN MORE