Triple Bi-Pass

Triple Bi-Pass

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Vaccination, with Joe Ball and Ada Castle!
August 01, 2021

Tonight on the show, we are talking SHOTS! Vaccinations, not tequila. Amelia is joined by Joe Ball of Switchboard Victoria and Ada Castle to talk all things vax – some... LEARN MORE

Fandoms and Speculitive Fiction! With Lara Hedberg PhD
August 01, 2021

Ruby is joined tonight by Lara Hedberg PhD! Lara has been studying and writing about Queer Female protagonists for over 5 years, and their writings explore fandom’s speculitive fiction and... LEARN MO

Bi Bachelorette! With Patrick Lenton
August 01, 2021

On the show tonight, we’re talking all things BACHELORETTE with Junkee Editor Patrick Lenton! Ruby, Alex and Amelia have no idea about Bachie so Ruby talks to Patrick who is... LEARN MORE

Queer Spaces and Melbourne LGBTQIA+ TTRPGs, With Stevie!
August 01, 2021

This time, Ruby is joined by Stevie! Melbourne LGBTQIA+ Table Top Roleplaying group! Stevie is a nonbinary Dungeonmaster, proudly growing a burgeoning community of like minded gamers and enthusiasts.

All Bi Myself Episode 6: With Pete Willetts!
June 03, 2021

Tonight is another instalment of our show within a show – All Bi Myself Join Alex as he chats with recently discovered bisexual and Triple Bi Pass audio guru Pete... LEARN MORE

Josh Mckenzie and Blankë Pop!
May 20, 2021

Tonight Ruby and Alex are joined by freelance writer, aspiring author and one of the brains behind Blankë Pop Josh Mckenzie! Blankë Pop is a nëon caba-rave for misfits and... LEARN MORE

3 Bi+ Musketeers Summer Adventures
May 18, 2021

Tonight the gang is back together with Ruby and Alex broadcasting LIVE from the @joy949 studios! Join your 3 Bi+ Musketeers as we chat about our summer adventures and as... LEARN MORE

Lauren Clinnick and Kinder World!
May 12, 2021

We are BACK with you tonight, bi+ babes! After some very necessary bi+ news, this evening Ruby will be joined by Lauren Clinnick, CEO of Lumi Interactive, hearing all about... LEARN MORE

Navigating Identity and Gender, With Laurie Penny!
May 12, 2021

Tonight on the show, Ruby is joined by Laurie Penny,  SEVEN  time author and all around legend. Laurie Penny is an award-winning author, columnist, journalist and screenwriter! Her seven books include Bitch... LEARN MORE

BOPO and Sense Of Self! Body Positive Spaces in Bathhouses
April 25, 2021

Tonight on the show, Amelia chats about creating body positive spaces with the babes behind the new Collingwood bath house S.O.S (Sense Of Self), and explores a support group for... LEARN MORE