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5 Years of Bi+ Pride: Wrapping Up Triple Bi-Pass
December 06, 2022

FAREWELL! Tonight, these good bis say goodbye to@joy949after 5 wonderful years on the airwaves. All good things must come to an end, and so we have recorded a wonderful farewell... LEARN MORE

All Bi Myself Special Edition! With Ulysses Thomas!
December 05, 2022

Weve got a special treat! Thats right, you love to hear em, we love to make em, its time for another All Bi Myself episode! Ruby sat down with Ulysses... LEARN MORE

All Bi Myself! With Tash York
December 02, 2022

Its time for another episode of our show within a show Its All Bi Myself on Triple Bi Pass! This week Alex is joined by good friend and multi-award winning... LEARN MORE

It’s Getting Hot in Here!
December 02, 2022

Tonight! The whole gang is joined by@lazarus_the_ladyfor a steamy episodeThats right babes we chat all things hot, to help you live your best bi+ summer After more? Like us... LEARN MORE

Queer Parenting and Navigating Bi+ Identity and Care!
November 07, 2022

Tonight on the show, Were talking about the duality of bisexuality and parenting. Meg chats with Amelia about how theyve navigated being a genderqueer bisexual mother, how other people view... LEARN

Chronic Illness, Disability and the Impact of Covid on Bi+ Community, with Kate Pern
November 07, 2022

Today, Ruby is joined by the amazing and wonderful Kate Pern, to talk about chronic illness and disability. You may recognise Kate from an earlier podcast advocating safe partying and... LEARN MORE

Pride in Diversity! With Ellie Watts!
October 13, 2022

Tonight we are joined by Ellie Watts who is a Senior Relationship Manager with Pride in Diversity. Dont know who Pride in Diversity are? Tune in to find out about... LEARN MORE

All The Bi+ News!
October 12, 2022

Hello lovely listners! On this edition of your favorite Bi+ podcast, Ruby, Alex and Amelia bring you our biggest Bi+ news episode EVER. Its all three of us in the... LEARN MORE

Bisexual Representation in Film and TV, with Dr Rebecca Beirne!
October 12, 2022

Bisexual representation in film and TV? Yes please! First of all, apologies dear listeners, we had an audio problem which resulted in the last few minutes of audio being cute... LEARN MORE

Bi Visibility Day, with Juniper Muller
October 12, 2022

Hello lovely listeners! Triple Bi-Pass is bringin you our amazing episode from Bisexual Awareness Week, complete with our awful puns, bad jokes, and full hearts! Tonight we chat all things... LEARN MO