The Once And Future Nerd

The Once And Future Nerd

One For The Team, Pt. 3

October 20, 2019

Something very unwelcome washes ashore in a southern fishing town. Jen has a rough night, and Nelson has an unsettling dream.

The script for this episode can be downloaded here.

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The conclusion of Chapter 6 will be released on November 3. We hope to see you then!



* From 12:26 - 12:51 (Pg. 52) A protester is killed very gruesomely. * From 13:22 - 13:58 (Pg. 53-54) Someone experiences PTSD symptoms. (We don’t experience the event that causes it, only the aftermath.)* From 16:56 - 18:19 (Pg. 56-58) A Black mother talks to her young son about the threat of racist violence.

End of listed CONTENT NOTES.