The Once And Future Nerd

The Once And Future Nerd

One For The Team, Pt. 2

October 06, 2019

The village of Three-Bridges finds consensus in First Snow’s plan, but Tyymos lo-Jyf - as you can imagine - objects. Ardel Redmoor makes plans to flee Castle Guernatal, but the Phantom of the Castle objects to this. Regan and Yllowyyn find Nia, along with a whole lot of trouble they weren’t looking for, and Nia tells the Party of her plight.

The script for this episode can be downloaded here.

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* From 6:07 - 7:52 (Pg. 22-24) There are several imminent threats that mirror real-world racist and colonialist violence.* From 12:21 - 13:51 (Pg. 27-28) - Someone is forced to do something at knifepoint.* From 14:42 - 15:00 (Pg. 30) - A small explosion startles a crowd.* From 20:55 -20:58 (Pg. 38) - Someone makes an insincere mention of suicide during an argument.

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