3 and 2 and 1

3 and 2 and 1

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Carve Your Name Soft Across My Lungs
September 09, 2015

I know I am far from the only one that loves Beach Slang. Here’s an acoustic set James did for NPR Tiny Desk. “Life’s tough, but life’s really beautiful as well, and I hope yours is that. More on the beautiful side…” &#

Rabbit Rabbit
September 01, 2015

Talked out and now I’m feeling crowded. All the errands in the world won’t save us now. Rained in and I won’t come unclouded. There’s a stillness in the air. I pray for sound. We’re too smart to watch TV. We’re too dumb

Sunday Morning Coming Down
August 30, 2015

This photo is entitled “Meh.” In what feels like a previous life, say 15-18 years ago, I wrote for various punk rock and alternative music magazines. Like many of my peers and brethren I capped off regular columns with “End Notes,”

Episode 001: John Holzer – Three and Two and One
August 27, 2015

John Holzer joins me for the debut episode of Three and Two and One and a conversation about songs that make us cry, how the media handled the attack of a homeless man in Boston, and how we handle it when people let us down. John’s a great conversat

Episode 000: Introduction – Three and Two and One
August 26, 2015

Hey everyone- Three and Two and One – Episode 000: Introduction is now posted and available! It’s just a couple of minutes of me discussing the idea for the show and what to expect. Episode 001 featuring John Holzer of Four Brewers (and former