3 and 2 and 1

3 and 2 and 1

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Episode 013 – Three and Two and One – Adam Gillanders
January 05, 2019

My brother Adam and I finally get together to talk about our earliest memories of our family and our parents divorce, celebrate the life of our passed Mother and talk through a lot of what is happening to us today … Continue reading →

Episode 012 – Three and Two and One – Tim Testerman
August 11, 2018

Tim and I, two middle-aged punk rock kids(?), getting nostalgic over nostalgia, talking about growing up punk rock, eschewing technology (especially Yelp), road trips, and of course, Jawbreaker. Thanks Tim, this was a lot of fun and long-overdue.

Episode 011 – Three and Two and One – Fairbrook Remembered
December 21, 2017

My friend David “Fairbrook” Layden from Episode 003 of Three and Two and One has passed away. Peter and I get together to discuss his life, it’s impact on ours, and what comes next as we age into this new … Continue reading →

SYG002 – TEASER – BYOFL 20 Years Later
November 16, 2017

David and Jeff discuss the project for episode #2 of Save Your Generation, a deep-dive into the history of Book Your Own Fucking Life. BYOFL was a zine that essentially existed as a catalog for information on punk rock resources … Continue reading →

Episode 009 – Three and Two and One – Jeff Monnig
October 04, 2017

Episode 009 of 3 and 2 and 1 features Jeff Monnig, a friend and fellow beer and music fan.

Episode 008 – Three and Two and One – LaShawn Hye
October 04, 2017

Episode 008 of 3 and 2 and 1 features LaShawn Hye, a former co-worker of David’s. Difficult families, our shared work in social justice, and hiphop are all covered here. All apologies for the popping noises.

Episode 007 – Three and Two and One – Miki Vuckovich
October 04, 2017

This episode David is joined by renowned photographer, cyclist, skateboarder, editor, and Non-Profit champion advocate for skate park construction, Miki Vuckovich

Episode 004 – Three and Two and One – Homeless on the Santa Ana River Trail
October 04, 2017

Please note, this episode was recorded in 2015, prior to the recent explosion of homeless along the Flood Corridor. This month’s episode focuses on the homeless population in Orange County, California along the Santa Ana River Trail.

SYG001 – Jawbreaker Riot Fest 2017 Recap
October 03, 2017

It finally happened. After 21 years Jawbreaker got back together and played. For this debut episode of Save Your Generation David and Jeff discuss Jawbreaker’s full-set reunion show in front of 50,000ish people in Chicago at Riot Fest.

Episode 010 – John FUCKING Spoden
September 29, 2016

John Fucking Spoden. My main man. Been waiting to do this episode for awhile. This one means a lot to me. Beer, dogs, life. Enjoy. You can download the show here Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher You can find me on Twitter here and on Instagram he