The HazMat Guys

The HazMat Guys

THMG445 – The Seveso Disaster of 1976 – Part 2

May 17, 2024

We take a detailed look at a “long ago” hazardous materials incident that we only recently began to read about. This was pre-everything that started the ball rolling on legislation and right-to-know. Check it out!

PLUS: A bonus form our very good friend and mentor Ron Huffman from Responder Training who makes the finest Propane gas flaring tools and equipment out there gave us a PSA to pass along to the community, so we are!

Also, June 5, 2024 at 1930 EST is our long form episode of the After Action Report Podcast featuring (someone, they haven’t committed yet, LOL) which will be streaming on Facebook and YouTube. Comments will be on!

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Episode Overview:

In this episode of 'The Hazmat Guys' podcast, the hosts delve into important topics surrounding hazmat incidents and training, emphasizing the critical role of advanced preparation and knowledge in the field. The episode features discussions on the upcoming events, highlights from a recent conference, and a deeper dive into the toxicology profiles of specific chemicals involved in past disasters.

Segment Breakdown and Timestamps:

·        00:00:19 - Introduction - Brief introduction and startling statistic about preventable hazmat incidents in 2022 due to inadequate training.

·        00:01:08 - Importance of Specialized Training - Discussion on the benefits of specialized hazmat training and an invitation to schedule training sessions.

·        00:01:34 - Upcoming Events and Community Engagement - Overview of upcoming events, including an after-action report with a prominent figure in the hazmat community, Mike Hildebrand.

·        00:02:51 - New Initiatives and Website Updates - Announcement of new initiatives including the launch of a new website and mobile app, and updates on various upcoming sessions and locations for live training.

·        00:04:11 - Deep Dive into Chemical Toxicology - Detailed discussion on the toxicology of a specific chemical, TCDD, focusing on its health impacts and regulatory responses to past disasters.

·        00:19:57 - Discussion on Safety and Compliance - Conversation about safety standards and compliance, with an anecdote on the discrepancies between manufacturer claims and UL testing standards.

Identification of Key Moments:

·        Expert Insight: [00:04:11] - The hosts provide an in-depth analysis of the toxicological profile of TCDD, a chemical involved in a notable industrial disaster.

·        Practical Tips: [00:19:57] - Discussion on the importance of understanding and verifying safety standards to prevent mishaps.

Resource Links and References:

·        The Hazmat Guys Official Website:

·        Training Registration and Information:

Concluding Summary and Call to Action:

This episode highlights the necessity of thorough preparation, training, and understanding of chemical hazards in the hazmat field. Listeners are encouraged to take proactive steps by participating in training programs and staying informed through upcoming events and resources provided by the hosts.