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Episode 162: Lyn McGinnis – Amarel Mountain
March 31, 2024

A chat with author Lyn McGinnis about Anu Awakes, an epic fantasy series, and the most recent release in that series, Book 2, Amarel Mountain. Bluesky@anuawakes Goodreads In

Episode 161: Jared N. Michaud – Brightstar
March 24, 2024

A chat with new author Jared N. Michaud about his upcoming YA science fiction novel Brightstar, first book in the Energematric6 space adventure series. Facebook@Energematrice

Episode 160: Breakfield & Burkey – Enigma Tracer
March 17, 2024

A chat with the writing team of Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey about their long-running techno-thriller series, Enigma, and Enigma Tracer, first book in their new Enigma Heirs trilogy. Websiteenigm

Episode 159: Steve Truitt – The Mindset Chronicles
March 12, 2024

A chat with author and former television host Steve Truitt about his new science fiction novel series, The Mindset Chronicles. Facebook@AuthorSteveTruitt Amazon Links for The De

Episode 158: Danièle Cybulskie – Chivalry and Courtesy: Medieval Manners for a Modern World
March 03, 2024

A chat with noted medievalist Danile Cybulskie about her new book, Chivalry and Courtesy: Medieval Manners for a Modern World. X/Twitter@5minmedievalist Facebook@5MinMedie

Episode 157: Marie Brennan – The Market of 100 Fortunes (Legend of the Five Rings Book 3)
February 25, 2024

A chat with Hugo-nominated author Marie Brennan about her Legend of the Five Rings trilogy, which just wrapped up with The Market of 100 Fortunes. Bluesky Patreon Amazon Links for

Episode 156: Douglas Smith – The Lost Expedition (The Dream Rider Saga, Book 3)
February 18, 2024

A chat with Canadian author Douglas Smith about his young adult fantasy trilogy The Dream Rider Saga, which has just culminated in Book 3, The Lost Expedition. Facebook@Writingt

Episode 155: Matthew Hughes – A God in Hiding & The Emir’s Falcon
February 11, 2024

A chat with award-winning author Matthew Hughes about his newest fantasy novel, A God in Hiding, and his recent young adult outdoor adventure tale, The Emirs Falcon (Shadowpaw Press). Websitearchonat

Episode 154: David Nabhan – Thinwalker
February 05, 2024

A chat with David Nabhan, author of the new far-future nanotechnological science fiction thriller Thinwalker from Stairway Press. X/Twitter@DaveNabhan Facebook@David.Na

Episode 153: Mark Morton – The Headmasters
January 28, 2024

A chat with author Mark Morton about his new young adult dystopian science fiction novel, The Headmasters, published by Shadowpaw Press. X/Twitter@NotromKram Facebook@Mark.Morton.