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Episode 169: Sara Wolf – Heavenbreaker
May 19, 2024

A chat with New York Times-bestselling author Sara Wolf (the Lovely Vicious and Bring Me Their Hearts series) about Heavenbreaker, her new science fiction novel. Substackswol

Episode 168: Dan Flanigan – An American Tragedy
May 12, 2024

A chat with novelist, playwright, poet (and practicing lawyer) Dan Flanigan about An American Tragedy, third book in his Peter OKeefe crime-fiction series. Facebook@eAutho

Episode 167: E.C. Hibbs – The Shade Between Shadows
May 06, 2024

A chat with author, artist, and storyteller E.C. Hibbs about the first book in her new Nightland Quartet, The Shade Between Shadows. Facebook@echibbs Instagram@e_c_hibbs TikT

Episode 166: Jennifer Anne Gordon – The Japanese Box and Other Stories
April 28, 2024

A chat with award-winning horror author Jennifer Anne Gordon about her new short story collection, The Japanese Box and Other Stories. Facebook@JenniferAnneGordonAuthor I

Episode 165: Dr. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes – A Fifth of the Story
April 21, 2024

A chat with author, podcaster, and blogger Dr. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes about her new spy thriller, A Fifth of the Story Facebook@authordrkatherinehayes Instagram@authord

Episode 164: Kristen Ciccarelli – Heartless Hunter
April 14, 2024

A chat with New York Times bestselling YA author Kristen Cicarelli about Heartless Hunter, The Crimson Moth Book 1, a dangerously romantic Scarlet Pimpernel-inspired fantasy. Websitekristenciccarell

Episode 163: Sebastien de Castell – Play of Shadows
April 07, 2024

A chat with award-winning fantasy author Sebastien de Castell about Play of Shadows, Book 1 of Court of Shadows, set in the world of his popular Greatcoats series. X@decastell Fac

Episode 162: Lyn McGinnis – Amarel Mountain
March 31, 2024

A chat with author Lyn McGinnis about Anu Awakes, an epic fantasy series, and the most recent release in that series, Book 2, Amarel Mountain. Bluesky@anuawakes Goodreads In

Episode 161: Jared N. Michaud – Brightstar
March 24, 2024

A chat with new author Jared N. Michaud about his upcoming YA science fiction novel Brightstar, first book in the Energematric6 space adventure series. Facebook@Energematrice

Episode 160: Breakfield & Burkey – Enigma Tracer
March 17, 2024

A chat with the writing team of Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey about their long-running techno-thriller series, Enigma, and Enigma Tracer, first book in their new Enigma Heirs trilogy. Websiteenigm