The Race to Value Podcast

The Race to Value Podcast

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Ep 135 – Defining Your Transition Strategy to APM Success, with Terry Hush
November 21, 2022

Value-Based Care is at a tipping point. But its not just about whether providers adopt alternative payment models (APMs) or ACOs. The real tipping point is whether traditional health systems can get

Ep 134 – Transforming Healthcare Through Physician Enablement, with Shawn Morris
November 14, 2022

How can primary care physicians retain their independence in planning for future success in value-based care? A medical practice must have access to capital to optimize physician workflow and improve

Ep 133 - Value as a Catalyst for COPD Care Delivery Innovation, with Geoff Matous and Dr. Abi Sundaramoorthy
November 08, 2022

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) afflicts 24 million adult Americans and represents the 3rd leading cause of death. COPD is also the 5th most costly chronic disease in the US with attribut

Ep 132 - Building a Community of Love and Equity: The Power of Workforce Development, Advocacy, and Community Partnerships, with Geoffrey M. Roche
October 31, 2022

As we look around to see what is enduring in our society, it is the work that was accomplished through loving relationships and mutual understanding. The power of love-driven leadership has the poten

Ep 131 - Overcoming the Last Vestiges of Slavery: Patient Safety and the Elimination of Health Inequity, with Dr. Ronald Wyatt
October 24, 2022

In this episode, we are going to discuss the impact of diagnostic errors on health equity. For patients of color, the unequal medical care and quality of the diagnosis received isnt due to just locat

Ep 130 - “The Value Game”: Achieving Success with Capitated Risk and Patient-Centered Primary Care, with Dr. Bill Wulf
October 17, 2022

When you hear about value-based care, do you get tired of hearing about concepts without tangible best practices? Do you ever wish you could just acquire insights from a leader who navigated a succes

Ep 129 - Navigating True North: The Value Journey Guided by the Realities of the Digital Age, with Aneesh Chopra
October 11, 2022

In the uncertainty of todays healthcare industry, we must continue to persevere towards our true north. The moral imperative to improve the quality of care for patients through better care coordinat

Ep 128 - Research Analysis of 2021 MSSP Performance Results and ACO REACH Final Cohort, with Kate de Lisle
October 06, 2022

The Institute for Advancing Health Value has recently released two new Intelligence Briefs highlighting two major impactful events in the movement to value-based care. 2021 MSSP Performance Results

Ep 127 - The Personalization of Primary Care Through Innovation and Grassroots Fundamentals, with Dr. David Pak
October 03, 2022

Fee-for-service healthcare has destroyed the physician-patient relationship by de-personalizing care delivery. Patient encounters are looked at as transactions, instead of as opportunities to forge l

Ep 126 - Accountable Physician Groups as the Superhighway to Value Transformation, with Susan Dentzer
September 26, 2022

Many roads will bring us to health value, but some roads will get us there faster than others. As we reimagine our nations healthcare system, we must build alternative avenues to value beyond the con