Band Director Tips for Brushing Up on their Percussion Knowledge

Band Director Tips for Brushing Up on their Percussion Knowledge

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TME Podcast Season 4 Ep 28: Checklist for Improving Brass Instrument Performance
June 28, 2022

What is the brass musician to do if he or she expects to fully develop his or her musical abilities? To gracefully perform with technical facility, tonal beauty, and musical taste is what we plan to a

Bonus Quick Tip: Work Life Balance
June 27, 2022

Maintaining a quality work life balance is often challenging for many in the music education field. Balancing the priorities at work sometimes can be at odds with your family dynamic and stress levels

Bonus Quick Tip: 5 Underrated Facts About the Triangle
June 24, 2022

In today's Bonus Quick Tip we are going to discuss 5 underrated facts about the triangle. The triangle is an often misunderstood and judged instrument. Learn about the roots of the triangle and how it

Bonus Quick Tip:
June 23, 2022

Do you want to provide your music program with enriching opportunities but have a sad operating budget? Check out DonorsChoose.Org. DonorsChoose.Org provides teachers the opportunity to advocate for t

Bonus Quick Tip: One Bass Drum, Multiple Styles
June 22, 2022

So you are posed with this scenario: You are a percussionist, you have one bass drum and multiple styles to play in. What do you do? In today's Music Educator Quick Tip of the Day we will dive into th

TME Podcast season 4, Ep 27 Understanding the Saxophone Mouthpiece
June 21, 2022

Finding the ideal sound for your saxophone is a quest taken by many young performers. By understanding the saxophone mouthpiece much ground can be made on this journey. However, there is not a "cure-a

Bonus Quick Tip: Dry VS Wet Lip Brass Playing
June 20, 2022

So what is the deal between "Wet VS Dry lip Brass Playing?" Does one type of lip playing have additional benefits over the other? Find out more in today's Bonus Quick Tip of the Day: "Wet VS Dry Lip B

Bonus Quick Tip: Setting The Stage for Practice
June 19, 2022

Check out The Music Educator Podcast weekly episode every Tuesday morning for more tips, tricks and advice you can you use tomorrow.  Do You Get Value From The Show? Consider Supporting the Show with

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 26 The Hoffman Method
June 14, 2022

In today's episode we will explore all the fascinating resources available to music educators and students from the Hoffman Academy. Today's special guest is Mr. Joseph Hoffman. Want to ADVERTISE your

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 25 Common Sound Production Problems and Solutions for the Flute and Piccolo
June 07, 2022

The flute, and respectively the piccolo, have had a storied evolution that has taken place from since before 900 B.C. in China. The flute, created by Theobald Boehm, serves as the basis for this moder