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Episode 209 - Dr. Briana Botsford on Women‘s Health, A Sense of Connection, and Motherhood
November 09, 2021

Dr. Briana Botsford (@docbribots on IG) is a Naturopathic Doctor in Edmonton with a passion for helping her patients solve their health mysteries. As a member of the local triathlon community, you mig

Episode 208 - Zac Cupples on What Happens in Vegas, Openness to Learning, and Life‘s Finite Timeline
November 01, 2021

This is Zac Cupple’s debut on the podcast. He graduated from St. Ambrose University Doctor of Physical therapy program in 2011, completed an orthopedic residency in 2013 to attain his OCS, became a ce

Episode 207 Jeb Stuart Johnston on Mindfulness, Emotional Eating and is Food Really Just Fuel?
October 25, 2021

Jeb Stuart Johnston returns to the show.   His last appearance was on February 6, 2020 for Episode 98. Before things got crazy.   We covered a lot of topics including mindfulness in regards to nutriti

Episode 206 - Chris Fudge on Working Hard and Going Fishing
October 22, 2021

This episode with Chris Fudge (@cthefudge) would be perfect for a brand new trainer or someone who is less than 3 years into their career.    Chris Fudge is one of the most humble trainers in Canada f

Episode 205 - Mark Zarate on The “Look At Me” Guy
October 18, 2021

This is Mark Zarate’s (@zaratefitness) 5th appearance on The Lifestyle Chase.    In this episode we talk about the “Look At Me” Guy and the dangers inauthentic behaviours in pursuit of ego, fame, and

Episode 204 - Mike Doehla on Why We Do “This” and What Matters Most
October 11, 2021

This might sound a bit biased but if you’re in the industries that Mike Doehla (@mikedoehla) and I are in, you should listen to this podcast.    This episode truly exemplifies the purpose, vision and

Episode 203 A Solo Episode with Chris Liddle Telling You Some of What Pays The Bills
October 10, 2021

The full explanation for this solo episode is that I had previously recorded with Will Crozier and the audio didn't record - only video. So him and I will record a brand new episode in the near future

Episode 202 - Semaj Hunter on The Road of Pursuing Happiness
October 04, 2021

Semaj Hunter (@whereyoufit_) returns to the show, this time from Mexico where he will be living for the next period of time with his wife and dog as he pursues the delicate balance of making meaningfu

Episode 201 - Patrycia Rzechowka on Reframing Situations and Seeing Life Through Someone Else’s Lens
September 19, 2021

Patrycia (@rzechowka on IG) was first on the show waaaay back on November 29, 2018! It was Episode 15 and life was very different, yet at the same time, not entirely different. Not many people take th

Episode 200 - Junil Rodriguez on Leaving Parties Early, Owning Real Estate and the Cornfield Chase
September 16, 2021

Wow. First of all, Episode 200. It’s pretty monumental. Please go back through the guests over the last 3 years and give a few more episodes a listen when you’re done this one. Now onto Junil.    Juni