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Randy King on Learning to Live Your Boundaries and Embracing The Setbacks
May 16, 2022

Randy King is an education based self defence coach that specializes in conflict management and violence prevention. In our conversation we talked about what got him into his career and the life events that shifted it and changed how he showed up. If you'

Mark Zarate on Flashback to April 2020 and Moving Forward
May 02, 2022

Mark has made many appearances on the show and in this one we actually did some post production magic.In 2020, some might remember I was doing daily episode of “Real Talk by The Lifestyle Chase”.Every day of the week, I uploaded a 12 minute short episode

Nick Sorrell on Building in Public and Consistency
April 25, 2022

This is Nick Sorrell's 3rd appearance on The Lifestyle Chase podcast. In this episode we talk about the creative work he's been doing to showcase what he has to offer as a consultant in the fitness space and beyond. You can find out what that looks like b

Shane Fennessey on The Creative Hustler and NFT's
April 18, 2022

Shane Fennessey (@shanefen on IG) is a 3rd time guest on The Lifestyle Chase. His podcast was the first podcast I was ever interviewed for. You can find it at City of Champions Podcast on most podcast platforms. Shane was brought on board as a co-producer

Amanda Marr on Taking Risks, Buying a 4Runner, and Not Working So Damn Much
April 11, 2022

Amanda Marr is currently a Virginia-Based Remote Coach/Online Trainer with about 6 years of in person training under her belt. You can follow her on IG at I w

Jake Boly on Having Bad Days and Making it Happen
April 08, 2022

Today's Episode is with Jake Boly. You may notice, the episode is no longer numbered. It's an evolution of the podcast to encourage you to dig back into old episodes to learn about different people. I

Client Series - Erin Marsh {Athletic Therapy, Gardening and Lasting Connections}
March 24, 2022

This episode features my friend and past remote client, Erin Marsh. You can follow along on Instagram. She's an Athletic Therapist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. You can learn more about

Client Series - Marcie Kiziak {People First, Cannabis Industry, Remote Training}
March 08, 2022

Another episode in the Client Series features my current remote client, Marcie Kiziak. Marcie has a wide array of past professional experiences but is currently the C.O.O. for NOVA Cannabis. She is al

Client Series - Ryan Robles {Engineering, Love at First Sight, Fatherhood}
February 28, 2022

For this episode I brought on my friend and client Ryan Robles. Ryan trained with me across 3 different gyms and has come to me for remote programming in the past. He's an engineer, a husband, and a d

Client Series - Erika Anderson {Starting a Fitness Journey, Creating Positive Outcomes}
February 19, 2022

In this episode with my long-time client and friend, Erika Anderson, we talk a little about her career and life journey and have a conversation about how we can spend less time and energy on the thing