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Jordan Syatt Talks About Jiu Jitsu, Purpose, Community, and Competitions
May 03, 2023

Youre going to love this episode with returning guest, Jordan Syatt. Its his 3rd appearance on the show. He first appeared on October 2019, then again on August 2021. We dove right into the conversation and talked about everything from the sedentary lif

3.1.23 Solo Episode with Chris Liddle on Intentionally Connecting, Being Grateful and Chasing Your Potential
March 02, 2023

In the spirit of getting back on track with regular episodes, I recorded a solo episode for you today. First of all, I want to thank you for being here. I also want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. Some of you are mentioned in the podcas

Byrin Wylie Shares Personal Goals For Future Competitive Success In Masters Division
February 10, 2023

Byrin Wylie is a powerlifting and strength coach from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has been coaching for five years and competing in powerlifting for ten. Before that, he was an athlete his entire life and even competed at the world level in hacky sack.

Eric Pullman Talks Mental And Physical Preparation For Success
January 25, 2023

Today I welcomed Eric Pullman to the Lifestyle Chase for his first appearance on the show. He's a coach who works with athletes and wresters at Long Island University and Savage Wrestling Academy. We talked about the value of sports like wresting and jiu

Enrico Incarnati shares his journey from aspiring doctor to social media strategist and videographer
January 12, 2023

Chris and Enrico discuss Enrico's work as a social media strategist and videographer. They talk about how Enrico got his start in the industry and how he has branded himself as a content creator. Enrico shares his origin story and how he ended up working

Carrie Doll Talks About Choosing What's Important In Life
December 28, 2022

Carrie Doll makes her return appearance in this episode of The Lifestyle Chase. She was last on the show back in May 2019. You can listen to that episode here: For today's episode we t

Mike Doehla on Making Moments and Wearing Fitted Sweatpants
November 29, 2022

This is Mike Doehla's 3rd appearance to the show. He's a recently retired 40 year old who is living the dad life to the absolute fullest. We go deep on a variety of life topics and unpack some of our reflections around what's to come and how we can make t

Mark Zarate Returns to Talk About Life Plot Twists and Keeping The Momentum
November 20, 2022

Over the course of 2022, the podcast has indeed slowed down. Its made it that much more excited to be bringing my good friend, Mark Zarate back to the show. If you want to learn more about Mark, you can listen to a couple of his past appearances here:Mar

Jay Weedall on Learning About Self and New Beginnings
October 02, 2022

Jay Weedall joins the show for the first time to talk about some of the big moments the last few years and what the future has in store. Learn more about Jay here: Learn more about Chris her

Lee Boyce on Focussing on Things That Matter
September 22, 2022

This Episode is unique from many because I actually travelled by car then a plane then about 5 busses and a lot of walking all the way to Lee Boyce to record this one. He graciously hosted me in his home for the interview and it was hands down the highlig