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The GoProposal Podcast

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The Challenge With Pricing Tax Returns And The Genius Way This Firm Found To Solve It
September 03, 2017

Pricing Tax Returns is a real challenge. - If you have a fix fee, those clients who have more complicated affairs are getting it cheaper. - And those who have simpler affairs are being overpriced and may eventually leave.

Person First. Client Second. – The Backward Thinking Philosophy That’s Helping #AccountancyFirms to Win
August 22, 2017

'Person first, client second' is one the core principle we have at My Accountancy Place, which enables us to serve our clients to a much higher level, give them far more value and which has contributed towards growing our monthly recurring revenue by 5...

Why Giving Your Clients 3 Options Doesn’t Work
June 19, 2017

There's a phenomenon that has lead accountants and bookkeepers to thinking that they should give their clients 3 options to choose from, when selling to them. This approach causes many problems and can't work effectively for one good reason.

The Downward Spiral Accountants Fall Into That Zap All Your Time And Energy And How To Break Out Of It
April 24, 2017

There's a downward spiral that accountants can easily fall into, that zaps all of their energy and time. This spiral then prevents them from investing their time and energy into the clients that they'd love to be able to serve to a higher level.

7 Step Battleplan – Make Life Easier, Stop Working So Hard And Get Paid More
April 10, 2017

I get to meet so many accountants and one challenge they all face is..... why is it that some clients are a joy to deal with, value our service and pay us a good fee, whilst others take all our time, pay less and are a pain in the backside.

The 7 Mistakes Accountancy Firms Make When Systemising
April 03, 2017

These mistakes are… They systemise like a firefighter They don’t use automation They have too many cracks in the systems The process was broken in the first place (this is the killer) You were never told the true goal They take on the wrong technology ...

The 3 Unspoken Vulnerabilities That Accountancy Firms Face And How To Avoid Them
March 27, 2017

There are 3 major vulnerabilities that accountancy firms around the world expose themselves to. And these 3 vulnerabilities cause nearly every problem within your firm and are the reason why you feel overwhelmed and overworked.

Accountants… Stop Using 20Yr Old Pricing And Sales Methods That Don’t Work Anymore!!!
March 20, 2017

I met with a firm of accountants who had a real issue with regards their pricing. They had several proposals out and none of the prospects were signing them, and they didn't feel confident that those prospects were going to sign those proposals either....

The 5 Levels Of Accountancy Firms. Which One Are You?
February 11, 2017

There are five levels of accountancy firms. - Most accountants are aware of the first three levels, but not a lot of them have been told about the highest two levels that you can actually take your accountancy firm to. - What I want to do,