The Healing Place Podcast

The Healing Place Podcast

Healers of Hilton Head Series: Adam Sharon – Chinese Medicine and a Focus on Releasing the Binds of Trauma

April 07, 2023
Special Edition: Healers of Hilton Head Series

I am so excited to share with you the HEALERS OF HILTON HEAD SERIES!

My goal is to not only shine a light onto the amazing healers of the Lowcountry, but as a reminder for anyone listening to look for the healers in your own community! There are so many empowering and enlightening options available.

Episode 15

Today I welcome Adam Sharon, Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist.


Adam Sharon (MS, L.Ac) has enjoyed a career in the healing arts for over twenty years and is well-versed in several modalities including acupuncture, nutrition, movement therapy and traditional techniques such as pulse and tongue diagnosis.  He specializes in helping people recover from trauma by making conscious connections between their emotional and physical states.

Connect with Adam Sharon:



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