The Folklore Podcast

The Folklore Podcast

The Austringer Episode 1

May 26, 2020

We begin a new series of bonus content, with another roleplaying story which is rich in folklore. 'The Austringer' is set within the game 'The Shivering Circle' which was developed and written by Howard David Ingham, who also acts as storyteller for this adventure.

Our team of characters are travelling to film at the mysterious stone circle on Hoddesham Down, which is known for its strange phenomena. They are making an episode of 'Eric Higginson's World of the Strange'. Will anything unusual happen while they are on site...?

We are joined for this adventure by Hjalmar Norden and Jenny Bremberg from Red Moon Roleplaying.

Please note: this content is not suitable for children due to language.

Music: Kai Engel, used under Creative Commons license from

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