The Everyday Innovator Podcast for Product Managers

The Everyday Innovator Podcast for Product Managers

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Title: TEI 251: Use Airbnb’s customer experience journey to create an outstanding experience for your products – with Joseph Michelli, PhD
October 14, 2019

Product managers can build trust and provide “service with heart” Dr. Joseph Michelli joined us a couple years ago in episode 147 to tell us how to create a great customer experience. This is his area of expertise and he has helped many organizations m...

TEI 250: High velocity innovation – with Katherine Radeka
October 07, 2019

Combine learning and doing to create better products more quickly Every company is wanting faster innovation, yet they often have systems that actually slow and limit innovation.  The framework and systems needed are a topic of a new book written by ou...

TEI 249: Which is the most powerful of the 6 principles of influence – with Matt Barney, PhD
September 30, 2019

Successful product managers wield influence and this is how they get it. Influence and persuasion is a core competency of successful product managers. It is also something that most product managers want more of — influence.

TEI 248: Do these things to make your presentations more effective – with Nils Davis
September 23, 2019

How product managers can combine influence and storytelling to achieve success. The author of The Secret Product Manager Handbook, Nils Davis, joins us to discuss his tips for better presentations. He knows a lot about product management and communicat...

TEI 247: How to manage your career to get the promotion you deserve – with Farnoosh Brock
September 16, 2019

Communicate your value as a product manager clearly and effectively to your organization’s decision-makers What was your last performance evaluation discussion like? Did you get the raise you wanted? What about a promotion negotiation?

TEI 246: Spur your creativity with these ideation tools – with Chad McAllister, PhD
September 09, 2019

How product managers generate new ideas and solve problems in a meaningful, productive way. If your go-to tool for generating ideas with a group is traditional brainstorming, it is time to learn some new tools.

TEI 245: How the best product managers make better use of their time – with John Cutler
September 02, 2019

Product managers can say “no” with grace so they focus on making progress. This interview is about making better use of our time as product managers and it is with John Cutler, Product Evangelist at Amplitude. For the sake of time,

TEI 244: 44 ways product managers can test ideas – with David Bland
August 26, 2019

Know how to test a product by measuring risk through desirability, viability, and feasibility. I’m someone who enjoys learning from books. I often find great tips I can apply from a good book, and that is just what I have for you.

TEI 243: What product managers need to know about Scrum for hardware – with Paolo Sammicheli
August 19, 2019

Mixing innovation and process to go to market more quickly. Many of the product leaders in companies creating integrated hardware/software products I’ve talked with this year are looking at ways to speed up their development process and add agility.

TEI 242: How to be your best self as a product manager and all aspects of life – with Dr. Nima
August 12, 2019

Rewire your brain to focus on value and success, not failure and imperfection — excel in product management. Our discussions here all about helping product managers become product masters and being a product master means we also need mastery over our m...