The Crude Truth

The Crude Truth

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 78 Nick Burns, CEO Petrofit

April 03, 2024

Nick Burns, founder of Petrofit, about maintaining health and fitness in the oil field industry. Nick shares insights on overcoming challenges and establishing healthy habits, emphasizing the importance of mindset and consistency. They also discuss Petrofit's efforts to promote wellness in the industry and Nick's upcoming nonprofit venture, Warrior Ranch, aimed at assisting combat PTSD veterans through structured programs and horse therapy. The episode concludes with a reminder to listeners to prioritize their health and reach out to Petrofit for support in achieving their fitness goals.

Highlights of the Podcast

06:06 - Who's Nick Burns and what is Petrofit? 

08:05 - Health and wellness

10:51 - The lifestyle pieces

11:55 - Tips for the holiday

15:17 - Helping the transition veteran or the person having trouble transition 

16:53 - The connection you have with an animal

18:15 - Cold therapy

19:11 - Three different perspectives

21:48 - A great example of the three C's