The Crude Truth

The Crude Truth

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 77 RJ Burr - President and CEO at Panex

April 02, 2024

The American oil industry's complexities with industry experts like RJ Burr, CEO of Panex. Discuss historical significance, current challenges, and future prospects, emphasizing the enduring importance of American oil despite alternative energy sources. Burr shares insights into Panex's operations, exploration strategies, and industry partnerships. The podcast highlights investment opportunities in oil drilling programs and stresses transparency and integrity in the industry.

Highlights of the podcast

03:36 - RJ Burr's background

06:50 - The service side of the oil industry

08:33 - Who is the true American oil and gas industry

10:46 - The rarest occurrence 

12:40 - One of three things happens

14:15 - The heart of oil and gas prices 

15:06 - The other side of that dirty little secret 

18:01 - The day oil went negative

21:01 - American oil built the modern world

25:36 - The American oil industry

27:02 - Small oil and gas companies

29:59 - Partnerships 

32:03 - The main goal 

35:47 - Ground foundation, Oil and gas 101 

36:34 - When it comes to our programs