The Crude Truth

The Crude Truth

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 76 Ryan Walker Live at the NAPE Expo 2024

April 02, 2024

Interview with Ryan Walker, a lobbyist and advocate for the oil and gas industry. Host Rey Treviño discusses Walker's background, his work in Washington D.C., and the challenges and opportunities facing the oil and gas sector. They delve into topics such as bipartisan efforts, environmental initiatives, energy policy, and the impact of political decisions on the industry. The episode provides insights into the ongoing debates surrounding energy production and highlights the importance of collaboration and advocacy within the sector.

Highlights of the Podcast

02:05 - Ryan Walker's background

05:21 - The Methane Abatement and Fire Abatement Alliance

06:27 - The carbon capture

08:23 - The House Energy and Commerce Committee

10:56 - Political play on the administration

12:11 - About the oil and gas industry

13:33 - President Biden and his administration

14:57 - The oil and gas industry going and the good fights for this year