The Crude Truth

The Crude Truth

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 73 Tim Tarpley President of the Energy Workforce and Technology Council

April 01, 2024

Tim Tarpley stops by our Austin, TX studio to talk about all the great things the Energy Workforce and Technology Council is up too! They are fighting for over 650,000 Americans everyday to keep their jobs! Energy Workforce works to advance member policy priorities and empower the energy workforce of the future. This is an episode you don't want to miss.

Highlights of the Podcast

03:02 - A little background about Tim Tarpley

04:35 - The work force of the energy industry.

05:40 - The biggest frustration and the biggest issue

06:58 - Permitting reform

08:19 - Number of incentives in the IRA for infrastructure and for new energies 

10:16 - The impact on the LNG

13:30 - Talking about lowering emissions

15:03 - Transition of energy

16:42 - The next generation of Americans

19:06 - Three conflicts now on three continents 

22:22 - Piece of Legislation

23:35 - One of the bigger benefits

25:15 - The Energy Workforce and Technology Council

27:24 - The service and equipment sector