The Crude Truth

The Crude Truth

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 72 Jim Holmes Live at the NAPE Expo 2024

April 01, 2024

Terms of 2024, we're focusing heavily on bringing these new chemistries to market, ensuring meet regulatory standards, and addressing any blind spots in their application. Additionally, we're actively hiring new talent to support our growth and maintain a strong organizational culture. With the bustling activity at events like Nape, we're also looking at potential investment opportunities and partnerships to further expand our reach and impact in the industry. Overall, the goal for LFS Chemistry in 2024 is continued innovation, growth, and maintaining our commitment to environmental stewardship and excellence in service.

Highlights of the Podcast

03:14 - Talks about surfactant

04:48 - Providing a chemical that's actually environmentally friendly

07:09 - The Beauty of Nape

09:35 - What's wonderful about being a part of that organization

11:51 - One of the hardest things to do

13:29 - Changing your habits

15:56 - Home work balance

18:32 - The most incredible personality 

20:18 - Some of the worst thing

21:59 - The blind spots in the chemistry