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#121 – Badass Women Vol. 3: Rosalind Franklin
November 06, 2021

Women didn't fare so well in last week's episode. To balance the scales a little bit, this week the guys take a deep dive into the life of Dr. Rosalind Franklin, the badass woman of science whose work

#120 – Hot Air Buffoons
October 30, 2021

No, that's not a new title for the show! It is, however, a pretty good description of the people featured in this week's episode! Come get high with the guys as they expel gas and yank your chain with

#119 – It Gets Butter
October 22, 2021

Norway, Jose! This week, the guys lube up their absolutely worst accents to take you, our loyal listener, to a magical place of fjords, riverboat cruises, wooden shoes (?) and the great Norwegian Butt

#118 – Flatty-Boombalatty
October 15, 2021

What would life be without the ability to look down on other people? This week, the guys look down from a great height, high enough to see the curve of the earth, in order to delve into the Flat Earth

#117 – A Happy Ending at Blue Ball Creek
September 10, 2021

Are you blue? Now, is it just a feeling, or are you literally blue? This week, they guys set off into the wild blue yonder to learn about the Blue Fugates of Kentucky, a clan of people with a rare gen

#116 – Intensylvania
September 03, 2021

Pennsylvania is not really known for being the focal point for intense tragedies, but maybe we should reconsider that reputation. This week, the guys revisit the home of the Centralia Fire (featured o

#115 – There Are Giants in This Guy
August 28, 2021

Exams aren't the only things you can cram for. This week, the guys get into the stuff of legends as they spelunk into the weird, brief fad of shoving as many college students into a phone booth as pos

#114 – #CockyGate
August 19, 2021

Romancelandia, the fellowship of romance authors and their readers, is a famously supportive and tight community. Until it isn't. This week, the guys plunge into the #CockyGate scandal, wherein romanc

#113 – The Indigo Girls…And Boys
August 14, 2021

Here at the Bright Side, we've always assumed that our listeners were just very special people. But this week, we explore the possibility that you all are actually genius reincarnations of an extinct

#112 – Cock-A-Doodle-Don’t
August 06, 2021

In the latest episode of our Feral Animals Series, the guys say Aloha to the feral chickens of Kauai! In a rollicking adventure that spans the globe, we join these brave, seafaring chickens in their e