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The Bright Side Election Message 2020
November 02, 2020

Go Vote!

#77 – Boo, You Whore!
October 29, 2020

It's Halloween! The one day when it's perfectly acceptable to take candy from strangers! This year, Halloween will of course be a more sedate affair, since we can all agree that 2020 itself has been scarier than anything October alone can throw at us.

#76 – Who Ordered the Extra-Large Sausage?
October 22, 2020

You've all been such great listeners, that today we are rewarding you with everyone's favorite activity--a pizza party! Come on a drive-along as the guys explore the frenzied, unsurprisingly sexy, and surprisingly dangerous world of pizza delivery.

#75 – Priscilla, Queen of the Coalmine Bathroom
October 15, 2020

Last week, the guys visited with some of the world's stupidest criminals; this week, they'll teach you how to become one! Of course, to be a stupid criminal, first you need a stupid law to break. That's why this week's episode is a deep dive into some ...

#74 – Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Stealing a Penguin
October 09, 2020

We all make mistakes, and we can all be a little stupid sometimes. But when both of those things are true at the same time, well that, friends, is when magic happens. This week the guys stumble through the escapades of some of the world's most idiotic ...

#73 – Gimme That Sticky Stuff
October 02, 2020

Weeeeeeeeeeeee're Back! 2020 has been a tough one for all of us, and with things going as crazy as they are, we just couldn't stand back and stand by. These boys are too proud for that. #ProudBoys. - And so we're back,

#72 – Beautiful Leather We’re Having Today
February 25, 2020

Ah, San Francisco! Home to picturesque city scenes, quaint cable cars, and down-and-dirty fucking in the streets. This week, the guys lube up and wade into the gritty world of Folsom Street Fair, a sex-positive, leather-positive,

#71 – The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Maul
February 18, 2020

Mary was an elephant - Back in a circus show. - And everywhere that Mary went, - Mayhem was sure to go. -   - It followed her to Tennessee, - The place she met her end. - And all because, unwitting, she - Pancaked her untrained friend.

#70 – The Worst Half-Off Special You’ve Ever Heard Of
February 12, 2020

If the news has you down, this episode is sure to cure what ails you!* - Ah, modern medicine. A pill for everything, marijuana on demand, and the sweet release of anesthetic oblivion for anything more invasive than a teeth cleaning.

#69 – Nakedness and Alcohol – What Could Go Wrong?
February 04, 2020

We're baaaaa-aaaaaak! - And for our 69th episode, we thought it only fitting to dive headfirst into the seedy world of Vegas strip clubs, where sex is sold alongside the most ubiquitous legal drug: alcohol. - This week,