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208 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part Four): 6 Functions of Friendship
September 13, 2021

Welcome back, homegirls! Our Friendship Goals: Reloaded series continues. We discuss child psychology theorists Gottman and Parker's six functions of friendship as we apply the theories to OUR personal friendship with each other. We talk about hyping

207 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part Three): Phases of Friendship
September 06, 2021

As we grow older, we evolve as people. We change, our environments change and so do our friendships. Have you ever considered how the process of making friends has changed as you grew up? What about the quality of your friends as opposed to the quantity?

206 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part Two): Friendship PTSD
August 31, 2021

We've all been there... a friendship was going and then it was gone. Maybe it was a falling out. Maybe the tension was building over time. Maybe the friendship just fizzled. However it went down, the end of a friendship can leave you feeling scared to

205 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part One): Friendship Communication Styles
August 24, 2021

Welcome to our newest series... Friendship Goals: RELOADED! Friendship is the basis of this podcast. We love to talk about it, so we're revisiting our Friendship Goals series and adding more from our current perspectives. To start this series off, we&

Bravado Bonus | Thriving Over Surviving: Getting Over FOMO
August 23, 2021

Ya'll we both struggle with the fear of missing some shit lol. We're shackled and want to be freed from this stronghold. In this episode we chat about the signs of FOMO, why it's bad to experience too much FOMO and of course tips to overcome.

204 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Six): Miss Moving On
August 17, 2021

This week, we're talking about letting go and moving on. We've been in situations that were easy to let go of. We've also been in situations for longer than we should have been because we were scared to leave and look for an alternative. Movin

203 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Five): Tired of Choosing
August 10, 2021

You are faced with tons of decisions that must be made every day. These decisions can seem small, like deciding what's for lunch or what the outfit of the night is. Other decisions can have a much larger impact on your life, like deciding what the nex

202 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Four): Overcoming Inadequacy
August 03, 2021

Welcome back, y'all! We're getting deeper into our Thriving over Surviving series. This week, we talk about the feeling of inadequacy and why we tend to compare ourselves socially. We mention the negativity that accompanies the use of social media

201 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Three): Trusting Yourself
July 27, 2021

We have a question. Do you trust yourself?Self trust is at the core of all of our decisions. When we begin to break our own boundaries, we violate our own trust. You wouldn’t trust somebody who lies, so why lie to yourself? It's time we hold ourselves

200 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Two): Mother and Father Wounds with Dr. Joy
July 20, 2021

This is our 200th episode! We started this thang on Germani's living room floor... Who would've thought we'd be here 5 years later?! Thanks for helping us get here, homegirls!Our Thriving over Surviving series continues. We discuss mother and