The Uncommon Area

The Uncommon Area

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Dinosaur CC&Rs | Ep. 53
October 24, 2023

Are your CC&Rs from the dark ages? Even if they are only 10-15 years old, they might be. Attorney Sandra Gottlieb talks about what you need to know about updating your CC&Rs to minimize problems that

Changes regarding board communication by email | Ep. 52
October 20, 2023

New California case law changes the restrictions for an HOA board regarding how it may communicate and discuss HOA issues by email. Attorney Jeff Beaumont discusses what boards should consider with th

Getting your insurance budget right | Ep. 51
October 13, 2023

The insurance market for HOAs is very volatile right now. Jonathan Naranjo from Newfront Insurance discusses how various kinds of HOAs should think about budgeting for these important premiums.

Common budget failures | Ep. 50
October 13, 2023

Attorney Jeff Beaumont discusses the legal ramifications of budgeting mistakes that boards commonly make. He dives into topics such as borrowing from reserves and special assessments.

How HOAs can prevent homeowners from getting financing | Ep. 49
September 21, 2023

Dont let your HOA get into a position where homeowners cannot get Fannie Mae re-fis and mortgages. Attorney Jeff Kerrane addresses how to avoid this pitfall for your HOA.

Avoid Contract Catastrophes | Ep. 48
August 23, 2023

Missing something small in a contract can lead to a very big consequence. Attorney Sandra Gottlieb talks about how to avoid big mistakes in contracts.

Hot Take: Questions | Ep. 47
June 28, 2023

Questions don't have to drag out your board meetings.

Hot Take: Priorities | Ep. 46
June 19, 2023

A practical way to give attention to what really matters.

The Future of HOAs in California | Ep. 45
May 24, 2023

Nathan McGuire talks about California's changing climate and its impact on the future of homeowners associations in the next ten years.

Does your HOA have a clean bill of health? | Ep. 44
May 10, 2023

Sarah Morales from Personal Touch Cleaning and Maintenance talks about how the right cleaning and maintenance programs keep your HOA healthy and your assets living longer.