The Money Advantage Podcast

The Money Advantage Podcast

Attracting Influencers and High Net Worth Clients, with Steve Sims

March 08, 2021

If you want to achieve the impossible, connect with the most powerful people in the world, achieve the next level in your business, strengthen your relationships, lead your community, and make an impact… listen in, because we're talking with Steve Sims.

Quoted as “The Real Life Wizard of Oz" by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, Steve Sims is the best-selling Author of BLUEFISHING—The Art of Making Things Happen, a sought-after coach, and a speaker at a variety of networks, groups and associations, as well as the Pentagon and Harvard—twice! 

So if you want to transform your life, attract influencers and high net worth clients… tune in below!

Table of contents* Steve Sims* The Number One Mindset Tip* “You Are the Room You’re In”* How to Grow* Entering with a Solution* Steve Sims' Millionaire Parties* A Note to Entrepreneurs* Links Mentioned* Book A Strategy Call

Steve Sims

Steve Sims is a master at helping people achieve the impossible with the most powerful people in the world. Or, if you ask him, he’d say he’s good at achieving the stupid, or the unexplained. That’s because, as Steve shares, once you label something as impossible, you’ve created a mental barrier for yourself. So if one thing is clear, Steve knows how to transcend the unthinkable, and impact the world. 

Steve has had many paths in life, all of which hae led him to where he is now. For the last 25 years, he's been in what is technically the concierge and spa business. In his own words:

[2:27] “One of the famous stories everyone knows was I had a client who wanted to have a meal in Italy, and he wanted it to be unforgettable. And so I closed down the Academia, the Galleria in Florence, that houses Michel Angelo’s David. Set up a table of six at the feet of David. And halfway through the pasta I had Andrea Bocelli come in and serenade them. And so I’m basically the Make-A-Wish foundation for people with really, really, really big checkbooks.”

Now, Steve acts as a mindset coach to help people get the clients that they deserve and want, rather than the clients they get. 

The Number One Mindset Tip

When asked what his number one mindset tip is, Steve answered to not identify the problem. Which at first may seem completely counterintuitive. That is because in his experience, people spend the bulk of their energy telling you why they can’t do something. Either they don’t have the money, or the time, or the resources. 

The trick is to shift to how you can do something. The answer may be to set aside thirty minutes a day to reach your goal, or write grants to fund your project, or build more cash flow with a side hustle. Maybe, the solutions are far more creative than that, as Steve Sims shares with us in the interview. There’s an infinite number of solutions for an infinite amount of ideas—it just takes work and a vision. 

As Steve says:

[5:02] “Have you ever noticed that when you get into a room full of entrepreneurs, you’re at home?”