The Money Advantage Podcast

The Money Advantage Podcast

7 Advantages of Whole Life Insurance You're Not Supposed to Know

March 16, 2020

Most people miss the advantages of whole life insurance because they view it as strictly an insurance product that doesn't do anything else. But it's that perspective, not the product, that has the limitations.Do you need to get the highest-quality life insurance you can count on, but you feel like life insurance agents are conspiring against you and sabotaging your success? Do you have questions about the advantages of whole life insurance, or maybe you need some tools to help you?

Well, look no further because this article will give you the advantages and answers you need, without you having to compartmentalize it as just buying death benefit, separate from the rest of your financial life.

Best of all, these seven goodies will put you on the fast-track to success with your life insurance right now.

Where Do the Advantages of Whole Life Insurance Fit in the Cash Flow System?

Life insurance in itself is just one small part of the bigger journey to time and money freedom.

That’s why we’ve developed the 3-step Business Owner’s Cash Flow System. It’s your roadmap to go from just surviving, to a life of significance, purpose, and financial freedom. 

The first stage is the foundation.  You first keep more of the money you make by fixing money leaks, becoming more efficient and profitable. 

Then, you protect your money with insurance and legal protection and Privatized Banking. 

Finally, you put your money to work, increasing your income with cash-flowing assets.

That being said, whole life insurance designed for maximum early cash value AND maximum long-term growth fits in the protection layer of creating wealth. At the same time, it improves every other area of your financial life.

Advantage of Whole Life Insurance #1: Vault-Like Safety

Life insurance is a savings vehicle, not an investment product. You can compare it to other savings tools, like checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, and CDs.

Similarly, whole life cash value is safe, because it won't drop in value.

This matters, because your cash value is impervious to market crashes and corrections. It won't drop in value unless you take the money out.

And if you take a peek behind the curtain to compare life insurance companies to banks, you'll be impressed here too.

Life insurance companies can make these profound guarantees mainly because of their long-term con...