The Leadership Trap

The Leadership Trap

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Manoj Saxena, Executive Chairman Cognitive Scale
October 05, 2021

Episode 13. In this week’s Trap, Manoj Saxena shares his lessons learned from years of growing entrepreneurial companies – balancing the demands of assertive investors, skeptics, and high-believer emp

Ed Burger, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. David’s Foundation
September 18, 2021

Episode 12. In this week’s Trap, Dr. Edward (Ed) Burger reflects on his significant career shift at the beginning of 2020, moving from President of Southwestern University to President & CEO of St. Da

Eric Spencer, The Corporate Bartender
August 25, 2021

Episode 11. In this week’s Trap, Eric Spencer provides years of experience guiding leaders in expanding their knowledge, behaviors, and approach to running high-performance teams. He references the al

Rob Lynch, Founder and Managing Director of Burst Consulting, Former CEO
August 01, 2021

Episode 10. In this week’s Trap, Rob Lynch shares his perspectives as a ‘serial entrepreneur’, having been the CEO of four start-ups that were all successfully acquired. Rob addresses his maturation a

Nancy Giordano, Strategic Futurist, Founder/CEO
June 05, 2021

Episode 9. In this week’s Trap, Nancy Giordano joins us to discuss the future of “Leadering” (also the title of her new book). Her background of advising some of the top global brands such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Sprint, and Acumen, among others,

Jimmy Treybig, Startup Advisor, Former CEO
June 05, 2021

Episode 8. In this week’s Trap, Jimmy Treybig stopped by for a quick chat. If you don’t know Jimmy, you don’t know tech. So…it’s time for a quick bit of education on a key chapter in the history of technology and Silicon Valley.

Farnaz Wallace, Author, Consultant, Former CMO
January 01, 2021

Episode 7. In this week’s Trap, Farnaz shares her perspectives on the emerging global cultures reflected in the reshaping of US demographics and the implications for how companies position their products to this emerging marketplace as well as how they...

Joel Trammell, CEO and Founder, Khorus Software
January 01, 2021

Episode 6. In this week’s Trap, Joel shares lessons learned from moving to the CEO when formerly the head of a given discipline, 3 types of employees and the impact of each employee’s departure, hiring A & B players,

David Altounian, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and MBA Program Director, St. Edward’s University
January 01, 2021

Episode 5. In this week’s Trap, Dr. Altounian discusses first-time entrepreneurial traps, taking mentoring advice too literally, traps that founder’s make with their first hires, taking risks at Dell, and hiring for diversity – traps inherent to small ...

Lisa Blanton, Consultant, Author, and former COO, CFO, CHRO
December 31, 2020

Episode 4. In this week’s Trap, Lisa shares her perspectives on hiring the “whole person,” absolute power, defining where a company thrives when it may be struggling in key metrics, limiting perks to the family of closely held companies,