The Leadership Trap

The Leadership Trap

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Gregg Ward, Author, Facilitator and Executive Coach
May 13, 2023

Episode 22: Gregg is the founder and executive director of the Center for Respectful Leadership and a bestselling, award-winning author, speaker, facilitator, and executive coach. Hes on a mission to

Joseph Kopser, Entrepreneur, President at Grayline and Chief Growth Officer at The Mentor Method
October 30, 2022

Episode 21: Joseph recently stepped into the Trap for a wide-ranging, free-flowing discussion on the challenges of leading with humility and self-awareness. His breadth of experiences in the military,

Ron Carucci, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Navalent
August 27, 2022

Episode 20: Ron Carucci stepped into the Trap in support of his recently released book: To Be Honest: Lead with the Power of Truth, Justice, and Purpose. He starts with a simple premise tell the t

Ray Areta, Co-Founder of Better Man Movement
July 24, 2022

Episode 19. Ray Arata joined the Trap to discuss his passion to heighten expectations for what we should expect of male leaders in the workplace. Hes a writer, speaker, and business leader pressing

Laura Kilcrease, CEO of Alberta Innovates, founder of Triton Ventures, Austin Technology Incubator, Startup Advisor and Investor
May 15, 2022

Episode 18. Laura Kilcrease joined the Trap having made her mark in shifting Austin from an economy with a history of oil dependency to high-tech prosperity ultimately putting it on the map as one o

Gordon Daugherty, best-selling author, executive, entrepreneur, startup advisor and investor
February 19, 2022

Episode 17. Gordon Daugherty joined the Trap with deep expertise in guiding early-stage entrepreneurs and their companies through the challenges of building companies of worth. As co-founder and chair

Heather McKissick, EVP Community Impact, Communications & Marketing at UFCU
December 15, 2021

Episode 16. Heather McKissick joined the Trap for a focus on the work of organizations for social good and how leaders can be agents for the good. Her thoughtful views on how organizations (non-prof

Kay Mellish, Humorist, Keynote Speaker, Author based in Copenhagen, Denmark
November 21, 2021

Episode 15. Kay Mellish joined the Trap recently for a well-timed reflection on how other cultures view their relationship to work. Kays expertise in Danish social and business cultures is smartly re

Amii Barnard-Bahn, Executive Coach, Speaker and Author
November 07, 2021

Episode 14. This is one of those episodes that should be bookmarked as required, repeated listening for emerging and current leaders at all levels. Amii Barnard-Bahm covers a wide range of leadership

Manoj Saxena, Executive Chairman Cognitive Scale
October 05, 2021

Episode 13. In this weeks Trap, Manoj Saxena shares his lessons learned from years of growing entrepreneurial companies balancing the demands of assertive investors, skeptics, and high-believer emp