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Key model predicts 410,000 Americans will die by January; Trump denies calling U.S. war dead “losers” & “suckers”; Biden calls on Trump to apologize, calls his comments “disgusting”; Trump has the biggest job losses of any U.S. president since World
September 04, 2020

FDA rejects coronavirus therapeutic pushed by Trump-supporting MyPillow CEO; Sources: Trump pressuring FDA for silver bullet by election; Limit data on Russia’s vaccine released; Model projects 3,000 Americans a day will die in December; Trump attacked Mc

Stocks plunge, Tech’s worst day since March; Biden says he spoke with Jacob Blake on the phone; Trump again suggests Americans may need to vote twice, which is illegal; Iowa becomes new hotspot as cases spike quickly; German Govt: Putin critic poison
September 03, 2020

Fauci warns cases are “unacceptably high” as Labor Day approaches; Pfizer CEO predicts vaccine trial may have results in October; Fauci: More data needed to prove how effective plasma is as treatment; Drugmakers: No “magic bullet” that will contain COVID;

New CNN poll: Biden tops Trump 51% to 43%; 17 states report upticks in new cases; Pelosi on criticism over salon visit: “it was a set up”; Trump pushes “law & order” message amid unrest
September 02, 2020

CNN Poll: Biden leading on almost all major issues; CNN poll: most not worried about crime and community; Fauci calls for “full-court press” on Covid-19 ahead of flu season; Iowa leads U.S. with highest Covid-19 infection rate; 17 states report new uptick

Trump knocks Fauci: “I inherited him,” Fauci says “we’re all on the same team”; Jill Biden: Trump’s America is “chaos”; Federal investigators: Police tased Jacob Blake twice before shooting, 88 witnesses interviewed; Trump denies health issues as new
September 01, 2020

Trump on Blake shooting, says he feels “terribly for anyone who goes through that”; Trump visits Wisconsin to meet with law enforcement one week after police shooting of Jacob Blake; Giroir dismisses daily testing: “I don’t live in a utopian world”; Astra

Biden: Trump “sows chaos” & “makes things worse”; U.S. hits more than six million COVID cases; WAPO: Trump health advisor is pushing herd immunity strategy despite warnings from Fauci, medical officials; Biden says he hopes to be able to visit Wiscon
August 31, 2020

Trump to visit Wisconsin as he pushes “law and order”; Trump to visit Wisconsin despite governor’s opposition; White House: Trump to visit “hurting Americans” in Wisconsin; Trump strokes chaos, threatens to intervene in “rime infested” cities; Biden: are

Thousands march on Washington for justice 57 years after MLK’s “I have a dream” speech; Trump claims he’s “law and order” president as he condemns “lawlessness” happening when he’s in charge; IHME Model projects 317,000+ U.S. deaths by December; 1.25
August 28, 2020

Trump returns to campaign trail tonight after RNC speech; Trump claims Biden would destroy America in speech filled with lies and misleading claims; Kenosha police union claims Jacob Blake was armed with a knife; Atty: Jacob Blake no longer shackled, warr

Trump refuses to comment on Jacob Blake shooting; Biden: Trump believes violence can help him politically; Hurricane Laura kills at least four people in Louisiana; Mora than 180,000 in the U.S. dead from COVID-19; 1 million Americans filed first-time
August 27, 2020

Harris: We won’t let vigilantes derail the path to justice; Trump, Pence yet to address family of Jacob Blake; Police: IL teen charged with homicide in Kenosha protest shooting; NBA players decide to resume playoffs after strike over shooting; Tropical st

Chief of staff defends Trump’s use of White House in convention; Source: CDC recommending fewer people be tested after pressure from the “top” of Trump administration; All NBA playoff games postponed tonight after Jacob Blake shooting
August 26, 2020

Sources: VP Pence to define Dems as “out of touch & dangerous”; House Dems demand investigation of Vindman firings; Trump invites conspiracy theorist who won GOP primary to WH for his speech tomorrow night; Moderna vaccine data shows all ages tolerate vac

Night 1 of RNC filled with dark, gloomy rhetoric; Heartland emerges as hot spot as sunbelt sees declines; Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns as president of Liberty Univ. amid sex scandal; Kenosha, WI center of nationwide protests after pol
August 25, 2020

FDA Chief apologizes for overstating plasma benefits, but insists authorization not politically motivated; Dr. Fauci warns against premature authorization of vaccine; Johns Hopkins doctor: Outbreaks in U.S. are “rolling hotspots”; University of Alabama re

Serious questions over Trump possibly rushing treatment, vaccine; RNC formally nominates Trump for second term;Video shows Kenosha, WI police shooting Jacob Blake multiple times in back; Judge sides with Florida teacher’s union rules state cannot for
August 24, 2020

Trump praises FDA chief after attacking agency and putting pressure to rush treatments & vaccines; WH chief of staff: Pres wants to make sure FDA “feels the heat”; Sources: WH officials raised possibility of emergency use authorization for vaccine before